Is it possible to make a Backup Copy of WINXP disc

  rowdy 12:46 30 Sep 2004

I have recently purchased an OEM version of WinXP and it arrived in what looked like an undamaged parcel. Upon unwrapping I found that the WinXP CD had been bound to a HDD in such a way that the CD overhung the edge and may have been bent/stressed.

I reported this to the supplier who requested that I 'test' the CD for damage. The most thorough tests I could think of was 1. to try an install 2. Try to make a copy.

The Install was achieved with difficulty and much tweaking and repairing but appears to be working now.

The copying resulted in lots of ' unrecoverable read errors '

Hence my question is it possible to make a copy of the OEM CD without errors or is it protected in some way.


  scooby43 12:48 30 Sep 2004

can you not get a new cd from the supplier.

  Noelg23 12:52 30 Sep 2004

I would return the CD and get them to send a new one free of charge.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:54 30 Sep 2004

have a read
click here

this may help

  rowdy 13:21 30 Sep 2004

Has anyone succeeded in making a copy of the Win XP CD without any special preparations.


  Noelg23 13:27 30 Sep 2004

why would anyone want to copy XP unless they were illegally giving it out to people? and you can get caught out doing that and I hear the fine is in the region of £5000? or is that $5000?

  TBH1 13:41 30 Sep 2004

I think what rowdy is asking is "if you tried copy the XP cd, would you get the errors he is getting or are these type of errors associated with the possibly dameaged CD?". I don't think he is trying to rip anyone off - -

  Noelg23 13:46 30 Sep 2004

Oh I mistake...well I would doubt it very much...I would give it a try first of all...and if that dont work...send it back and get a new one for free but dont tell them you copied the CD cos then they will think you tried to make an illegal copy...they are always harsh about things like that...

  €dstowe 13:53 30 Sep 2004

It must be possible somehow otherwise it wouldn't say on the disc:- "Do not make illegal copies of this disc"

  rowdy 14:20 30 Sep 2004

I am in discussion with the supplier who is merely asking me if I can establish if the CD is damaged so that appropiate remedies can be applied. I do not wish this to develop into a conflict so I am cooperating.

I cannot establish beyond doubt that the CD is in fact damaged but have questioned as to wether it is 'fit for purpose'. We are not at this point of time in dispute merely trying to establish the facts.


  rowdy 14:23 30 Sep 2004

The CD in question is the XP+SP2 version.


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