is it possible to learn online?

  Tommy Vercetti 16:13 27 Jul 2005

I am interested in getting a bit more IT Savvy.
I know the absolute basics but not much more than that. This site is great for getting specific help and ive learnt a lot on here, but i was wondering if anyone knows any decent (and free) online tutorials which can broaden IT awareness.

  LastChip 17:58 27 Jul 2005

However, computing is a very wide area of technology and hence there is no one web site that is the answer to all your questions.

If you are familiar with the Google Search page or a similar search engine, use this to point you to a site to find out what you want to know. Just type in your question and see how many "hits" you get. A "hit" is a term for sites that match your query, to a greater or lesser degree.

Many sites offer tutorials for specific area's and you could click here for an insight into some of what's available.

There is no question in my mind; the more you read, the more you learn, and if you have any sense, you will learn throughout the whole of your life (no disrespect intended) :-)

  new boy 20:05 27 Jul 2005

thanks last chip. i checked your suggestion and i see what you mean, it is a very broad subject.

I guess i'll follow your advice and just keep reading!

  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:56 27 Jul 2005

go to google, type the topic name and add the word "tutorial". You'll get more than you can shake a stick at.



  recap 10:58 28 Jul 2005

You could try a learndirect course, they have 38 online courses for IT. click here for more information.

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