Is it Possible to Import Text from a Digital Photo

  dregn 19:05 31 Oct 2004

It sounds a bit of a tall order but .......

I am taking macro images of news cuttings for reference and storing them in a folder on my PCs HDD and I am wondering if it is possible to import text from a digital image into MS Word.

Any advice much appreciated.

Den Regan

  VoG II 19:15 31 Oct 2004

Yes you need an Optical Character Recognition program such as Omnipage. OCR programs often come bundled withy scanners. You can use them to do OCR on saved images as well as when you do a scan.

  Night Ryder 19:16 31 Oct 2004

Like VoG™ says you need something like "Text Bridge". Often comes bundled with scanner software.

  Dorsai 19:19 31 Oct 2004

To do this you would need some form of OCR software.

OCR = Optical Character Recognition.

IE a program that looks at a picture and tries to find letters/words in it. I can't sugegst any particular piece of softhware, as i have not tried to do this, but it can be done, with differing degrees of success. MY scanner came with a OCR prog. I tried it, and it sort of worked, but as it was free, i was not too upset about it's lack of success.

  Dorsai 19:23 31 Oct 2004

VOG and Night Ryder are clearly quicker typist than me.

  Night Ryder 19:29 31 Oct 2004

Let you into a little secret. I have pre prepaired text files to cover most subject. When I see a question I think I can answer I just cut and paste to the forum window.

  Dorsai 19:41 31 Oct 2004

LOL. (i tried, but it took so long to find the 'right pre made post' that i just decided to type as i found)

I dont mind being pipped at the post. But i take so long trying to make sure what i type reads right, that somtimes someone with better typing/language skills gets there first.

thats life. Fun. And un-predictable.

  dregn 09:00 01 Nov 2004

Thank you very much, everybody.
Amazingly rapid and helpful responses.

I had a feeling I would need specialist software.
I have software that came with a scanner - I will look that out and report.

Many thanks again.

  carper 11:25 01 Nov 2004

Like Night Ryder I have Text Bridge software which came with the scanner. Don't forget that if you move text to Word you can completely edit it just as if you had typed it in the first place.

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