Is it possible to have a virus after re-install

  fenlander 15:13 03 Aug 2005

A friend of mine tells me he has used his restore disc to restore his pc back to factory settings.

Yet he is having loads of problems when he signs on the internet. I have told him the full system restore would cure his virus problems.

Am I right? or is it possible for the same virus to return via the internet even though he has not downloaded anything since the system restore.

His PC works fine untill he goes on the net and then he keeps getting a message about problems with the registry.

It will not allow him to install norton.


  AndySD 15:41 03 Aug 2005

If he was connected to the internet whislt reinstalling windows, unless it was Windows XP sp2 or he has a harware firewall, its highly likely he was infected with a worm.

  Completealias 17:08 03 Aug 2005

Some of that sounds like messenger spam the pop ups about the registry seem to have been doing the rounds click here tells you how to disable the messenger service.

I would also recommened doing a full scan with anti virus and antispyware programs. What firewall does he have installed?

  Completealias 17:11 03 Aug 2005

Sorry just re read and you say you can't install norton, i'm not a fan of norton myself and would recommended one of the free av apps myself

Avast click here my personal choice or

AVG click here

  fenlander 18:38 03 Aug 2005

Thanks for the info I'll tell him to try the Avast or AVG, the only problem is his PC keeps freezing on him, so he may have a problem downloading.
I still can't understand why he has these problems after a full system restore.

I will tell him to disable messenger,that's a pain anyway.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 21:28 03 Aug 2005

a restore wont nescaserily rid you of the virus as it may well be in the restore point best option is to turn off sys restore then run a full scan if you have norton set the cd to 1st bootable in the bios you should be able to boot and scan straight from the disk ( well you used to be able to still worth a try)

  helmetshine 21:45 03 Aug 2005

If,after a reinstall,he connects to the internet before he's installed his AV and firewall he could well get infected again.What i would do if he can't clean the virus is to format and reinstall again with the modem unplugged,then install his AV and firewall,if he doesn't have the discs for them he needs to d/load the setup files and burn them to CD beforehand.Once they're installed connect and update them,then do the windows updates.After that he can put his programs back.

  Happy Soul 22:15 03 Aug 2005

I had similar symptoms recently including computer shutting down whilst on the Internet.

Did he format before restoring to factory settings?

If he did then switch off, disconnect from the mains and remove the cmos battery for several minutes.

  nick_j007 22:21 03 Aug 2005

I agree with helmetshine.

  fenlander 03:07 04 Aug 2005

Thanks Folks
I'll tell him to unplug the moden and then restore.

  dublincity 05:31 04 Aug 2005

I've never used a Restore Disk but I do know that well-known-name 'High Street' PC's have spyware (inc. Trojans) deliberately included. Maybe they've been re-installed?

These are usually found and zapped by the routine anti-spyware programs.

If the Disk (as with the XP Pro Installation CD run in repair mode) involves not losing any work or software, then original contaminations will remain in the same places.

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