Is it possible to convert Mini disk to CD

  bda72 08:25 03 Sep 2003

I have been asked by a friend if I can copy a mini disk of his work onto a CD for him, I thought it should be possible but said I wasn't to sure of the best way so here I am.

He has a Sony MD player/recorder which has digital and analogue inputs and outputs, I reckoned the best way to do this would be to use the digital output so he is currently rumaging around for the cable. My computer only has a SB 5.1 Live card and I don't have the digital input but I have fitted an Audigy 2 Platinum card for a friend so I could use this.

I'm hoping that once the mini disk player is connected it would just be a case of ripping the MD to the hard drive converting it to MP3 then burning it as a CD but I'm guessing life is not this simple.

I have done a search on google but every return that mentions MD to CD won't open:(

Many thanks for your time.


  leo49 09:48 03 Sep 2003

click here

The above has loads of info including;

click here

This is something all of the MD community would like to do.

Unfortunately you cannot upload or rip from MD to PC - all you can do is record the MD to the PC via the Line In on the sound card or the Optical in if you have it.

You will then need to split the resulting wav file into the individual tracks before burning to CD.

This link has a lot of useful MD stuff click here

  pj123 13:44 03 Sep 2003

Following the above advice, two good programmes I use are LP Recorder and LP Ripper, both from click here LP Ripper is very useful as it will split one long .wav file back into separate tracks.

  bda72 15:06 03 Sep 2003

Thanks alot guys, looks like that should be enough info to keep me going:)

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