Is it possible to block junk emails altogether.

  SON007 22:15 16 Nov 2015

I've noticed a massive increase in spam/junk emails, I mean I could get 30 in a matter of hours on a daily basis not to mention the junk emails that show they come from my email to myself. Ive not signed up to no dodgy site to my knowledge but I'm getting plagued by emails to do with credit card, gambling, dating and just loads of crap. This happens with outlook where the messages go into my junk folder but also with my sky email account. Ideally I know want to receive any of these messages if at all possible as I receive genuine emails that also go straight if my junk folder even though I've added the sender to my safe list. Is there an app for a Mac that is safe that will work in conjunction with my email client and will delete certain emails before it even gets through?

  Karar 17:08 17 Nov 2015

Are your emails are coming from yahoo?

  bumpkin 18:03 17 Nov 2015

Blacklist the Domain on your client.

  SON007 19:37 17 Nov 2015

I have already blacklisted the domain before but i still keep getting the same emails from the same source. I've just gone into my junk folder and here are a list of some of the ones I want to block:

Pharmacy CAN ([email protected])

marbles Card with affiliate partner ([email protected])

Satsuma Loans ([email protected])

Barnado’s ([email protected])

Anastasia Single Team ([email protected])

[email protected] ([email protected])

Zodiac Casino ([email protected])

Expiring Today ([email protected])

Credit Card Now ([email protected])

VIAGRASALE 62% (viagra[email protected])

Special offer ([email protected])

Leo Vegas Casino ([email protected])

Congratulations ([email protected])

Vanquish Credit Card ([email protected])

Personal In Home Credit ([email protected])

Faith Financial ([email protected])

Gala Bingo ([email protected]) ([email protected])

Marbles Card with affiliate partner ([email protected])

CONGRATULATlONS ([email protected])

Loans 2 go ([email protected])

So lets take [email protected] for example, do I try to block [email protected] or for it to work? I have already tried both though with no success.

  bumpkin 21:02 17 Nov 2015

They are meant to go to your junk folder, as long as they are not showing in your inbox then just delete the junk when it gets a bit full.

I had a spate of this hundreds a day but as long as you dont open any of them they soon diminish.

  dangerusone 18:17 19 Nov 2015

If you are using Outlook right click on offending email and go to Junk - Junk Mail Options - Blocked Senders - Add and follow the instructions and all junk from after you do this you whittle them down. I used to get 50 or 60 a day from

  SON007 20:05 19 Nov 2015

That's strange as I have being doing that but even today I'm still receiving emails from, maybe not as much but it's early days.

  wee eddie 20:41 19 Nov 2015

They are being blocked from your Inbox, not your Computer.

Can't you understand that your Spam Filter is doing it's job correctly. Your ISP will be blocking further mails of an even more generic kind.

  SON007 10:31 21 Nov 2015

@wee eddie,

No I do not understand as I believed that when you blocked an email or a domain that would also mean it wouldn't arrive in your junk mail folder. So going by what you're saying if someone wants to stop someone from sending emails to them if these emails are abusive lets just say these messages would still arrive in their junk folder?

  wee eddie 10:43 21 Nov 2015

That's correct. Your Junk Mail Folder is the Dustbin/Trash Can for unwanted emails. Only the very weird worry about the contents. If you open one, it frequently tells the Sender that your address is live, and encourages more from the same sender.

So, don't worry about what's in your Spam Folder, never open an email that you think is Spam and, FINALLY, never open a link in an email that you are even remotely doubtful about.

  spuds 12:06 21 Nov 2015

My ISP provides a very efficient spam filter in their system. Its just a case of notifying them of any spam that their filter might have missed.

Looking at your list, it would appear that someone is using the service of 1&1 from their German base. Perhaps try contacting 1&1, to see if they can offer any help or advice!. click here

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