Is it possible to add more PCI slots?

  Christopher Lewis 09:44 15 Apr 2004

My motherboard only has 3 PCI slots, and now I want to add a fourth card. Is there any way to do this - maybe some sort of adaptor?


  anon1 09:54 15 Apr 2004

what do you want to add? What have you already installed? Tell us a bit more about your system.

  anon1 09:55 15 Apr 2004

oops forgot to add the link click here

  Christopher Lewis 10:13 15 Apr 2004

Thanks Anon1
I've already looked at the Magma sets - too elaborate and expensive!

I already have cards for 4 USB2.0, IDE controller (I've more than 2 hard drives), and a modem & ethernet connection. I want to add a video capture card - I'd like to use the system for monitoring from both USB and CCTV cameras.

I think I could sacrifice the USB card, and use the 2 built in ports with an external hub to connect three webcams, but I was wondering if there was another way.


  Gaz W 10:22 15 Apr 2004

Often motherboards have more USB ports than you think built in. As well as the standard 2 (or even 4 or 6) ports actually on the motherboard there is often a connector to add at least a further 2 (or maybe 4). This would allow you to have USB ports on your PC without the need for a hub. If you look in your motherboard manual you might see it on one of the diagrams.

However if you are using an older AT type motherboard the chances are this is already used for your main USB ports.

If you could do this it's the best of both worlds - as long as your USB ports onboard are USB 2.0.

  anon1 10:31 15 Apr 2004

surely you dont need the modem if you have ethernet. A hub for usb would be a good option. had a look at other sites which I know and trust and realistically If you want to go to extra slots you would probably be better off upgrading the motherboard. How many hdd's do you have and how many other ide devices?

  Christopher Lewis 10:59 15 Apr 2004

Gaz W
You are correct. The motherboard has a USB pin header for front USB connectors. So I guess I just need the bits to fit a bracket at the back of the case and connect the sockets to these pins.
The motherboard manual says these are USB 2.0, and implies that the on-board sockets are also USB 2.0
I've not actually tested them to make sure - is there an easy way?


  Christopher Lewis 11:11 15 Apr 2004

I thought the PCI card which came with the machine has both a modem and ethernet connection, but now I look at it more closely I see that is not correct. Modem yes, other sockets I'm not sure. I'll have to dig out the original specs to check, but maybe I could do without this card (although as a belt-and-braces sort of person I do like having a backup internet connection).

Looks like there are more avenuues to look at - thanks.

  TomJerry 11:21 15 Apr 2004

(1) I think your ethernet port in on motherboard, you can get ride of modem card. As for back up, get an external usb modem for £14 click here

(2)get a usb video capture "card".

(3) Change your graphics card with one with video in.

By the way, my machine only has one PCI, but I do not use it.

  Eric10 11:33 15 Apr 2004

Christopher, you asked if there is an easy way to test if you have USB 2.0. Look under 'USB Serial Bus controllers' in Device Manager. If you find them listed as 'Enhanced' then they are USB 2.0.

  Christopher Lewis 15:05 15 Apr 2004

Thanks for all the ideas

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