Is it possible to add a 3rd hard drive???

  Mysticnas 17:24 27 Apr 2003

hiya all,

i got 2 ide cables, one with my DVD and CDRW drive on it, and the second with my 2 hard drives on it.

is it in ANY WAY possible for me to add a 3rd hard drive to my current setup withour removing anything???


  leo49 17:27 27 Apr 2003

You'll need to add a Promise controller for more drives[about £25-£30].

  Mysticnas 17:30 27 Apr 2003

could you expand a little more on that please?

what is a promise controller? and how do i connect it to my pc? is it some sort of PCI device?

and will it be slower if it's running through the PCI bus?



  Taran 17:30 27 Apr 2003

You can buy an PCI IDE expansion card for around £25 or so. It slots into an empty PCI slot on your motherboard and allows you to connect several more IDE devices to your system, including multiple hard disks and extra CD drives.

Be advised that depending on your current setup you may encounter some IRQ problems but this is rare and normally quite easily resolved.

Any hardware dealer can supply the relevant expansion card for you. Dabs, Simply and others stock them and your local PC shop will either have them or be able to get one for you in short order.

So in short, yes you can.

  Mysticnas 17:34 27 Apr 2003

be able to boot from the pci expansion card right?

the reason why i want it is i want to install Linux. I haven't been using it for a while now at uni, and need to brush up on it, incase some future employers want to me use it blah blah...

i already have 2 drives on XP pro. 120 and 40Gigs.

a 20Gig will suffice for lunix. and i'd be using it to boot from into linux.

so can i boot from the hard drive connected to the pci card?

  EmBeZzLeR 17:41 27 Apr 2003

You could just use a partition on your 120g drive because Linux does not take up that much space.

  Mysticnas 17:44 27 Apr 2003

but my 120gig is used heavily for my video editing and 3d rendering.

besides, if i want to create a partition on a drive won't the drive be wiped?

  mrdsgs 17:44 27 Apr 2003

the above advice is right.

I have 2 spare PCI Promise IDE Controllers and you could have one of them for £20.00 plus postage if it would help.

I use one myself.

They have drivers and instructions included and you CAN boot from hard disks attached to them.

Most people would would move the CD/DVD drives onto the PCI ide controller and connect the third (and potentially fourth) hard drive to IDE 1 on the motherboard.

The other alternative of course is to partition your existing hard drives.

let me know if you want an ide controller.

  mrdsgs 17:47 27 Apr 2003

using a programme like partition magic would enable you to create a new partition WITHOUT damaging or overwriting existing data etc.

  Mysticnas 17:48 27 Apr 2003

is booting from the pci device slower???

  mrdsgs 17:53 27 Apr 2003

no not at all, but as I said earlier, the issue would not arise if you move your cd etc to the ide controller and connect hd 3 and 4 to the cable from the motherboard ide thet was previously connected to cd/dvd

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