Is it possible to access Yahoo mail thru Outlook?

  ivesy 20:39 28 Nov 2004

I'm sure I read somewhere that you could do this but I've no idea how! I know you can with Hotmail but is the same true for Yahoo? What I'd like is to be able to open Outlook and and have a folder for Yahoo which would notify me if I had any emails?

  VoG II 20:43 28 Nov 2004

Outlook (which version?) or Outlook Express?

  [DELETED] 21:06 28 Nov 2004
  powerless 21:13 28 Nov 2004

You need to pay for it though.

  [DELETED] 21:19 28 Nov 2004

I use it for free through pop3

  [DELETED] 21:21 28 Nov 2004
  beeuuem 21:27 28 Nov 2004

You can do it with free programmes from click here which does several server types or click here
which is easier to use.

  [DELETED] 22:03 28 Nov 2004

That Mr Postman looks really interesting. It says cross platform, but its a bit light on how to install it in Linux, pity.

  beeuuem 01:37 29 Nov 2004

If you have '' account, as opposed to a '' account, and agree to receive offers from Yahoo you can receive mail through a pop server directly. click here

  beeuuem 01:47 29 Nov 2004

Don't know if this click here will help.
As I know less than nothing about Linux this is the best I can offer in the way of help.

  temp003 09:12 29 Nov 2004

A few years ago, Yahoo offered free Pop3 access on my yahoo account, which I still use, for free.

Recently, I created another account on yahoo .com, and thought I could use the same POP3 access (with suitable changes to the server addresses), but it didn't work (unless I pay).

I don't know whether it's because Yahoo has stopped the free POP3 access for new accounts, or it's because of the domain difference as pointed out by beeuuem.

Anyway, I now use a program called YahooPops (or sometimes called YPops) to access my yahoo .com mail through OE and Outlook. It's the same program that beeuuem referred to earlier. You can click here to download the program. The server on that site is quite often very slow. If you can't access it, try again later or another day. It works.

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