Is it possible to...

  rizlo29 22:56 21 Feb 2010

Start up browser (FireFox etc) first on reboot and how.

,,,novice on windows.

Ive tried google but doesn't help, maybe steps for older versions of windows.

I an running windows xp and would like FireFox to load instantly.

  MAJ 23:07 21 Feb 2010

As I said in your previous thread, rizlo29,

Put a Firefox shortcut in the Startup folder.

  rizlo29 23:13 21 Feb 2010

Yes, I did that and when i logged off then logged on again it flew! But when I re started pc, it was same as before?

  northumbria61 23:42 21 Feb 2010

click here

Read the short description and contents and there is a FILE to download at the end of the contents list.

  rizlo29 02:18 22 Feb 2010

Start up seems to work very well when I log off (it finds FireFox at the drop of a hat) but when I reboot the PC, it goes back to normal and takes a few minutes to bring up FireFox browser???

I want FireFox to be up first!!!

any ideas?

  cocteau48 07:01 22 Feb 2010

Plenty to check out here:click here

.... surely you would want your AV software to load before your browser?

  MAJ 10:26 22 Feb 2010

Other processes and services have to load before programs. When you log off from your profile, those processes and services are still active, that's why FF loads instantly when you log on again. When you reboot your PC from shutdown, everything has to start again from the beginning.

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