Is it possible

  rawprawn 18:35 04 Jun 2006

To send deleted entries in C:to a recycle bin in D:

  rawprawn 18:37 04 Jun 2006

Not quite what I meant, delete entries from C: and send the deleted the files to D:

  amonra 18:46 04 Jun 2006

Why not just drag-and-drop from C to D ?

  rawprawn 18:51 04 Jun 2006

Because I want to wipe the deleted files, and D: is much smaller than C: and therefore takes less time

  woodchip 18:56 04 Jun 2006

He is wanting to save what's in the Recycle bine to D drive. Sounds like he want's to clear C:\

  rawprawn 19:02 04 Jun 2006

They are private financial files, and I want to "Erase them" I do this on a fairly regular basis and it takes about 1hour normally, "Erase free space". I was just trying to find out if there is a quicker way. These are not illegal in any way, but I feel happier with them beyond recovery as some are not my files but people to whom I have given advice.

  rawprawn 19:12 04 Jun 2006

Thaank you for that, I already have that version and I use it. However being a paranoid android I still wipe free disc space occasionally and that is what takes the time. This is not desperate, but I just wondered if what I had suggested was possible, since it seemed to me to be practical.

  rawprawn 19:13 04 Jun 2006


  rawprawn 19:24 04 Jun 2006

To clarify the situation I run a program called Clean Disc Security click here
If I use this program to wipe free space on my C: drive it akes about 50 minutes using a simple wipe for 80 gb. I have a partition F: which is only 5.7gb, if instead of deleting to C: I could delete to F: wiping the partition would be quicker.
As I said it's not really important, but I felt it was an ineresting poser.

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