Is it poss to trace someone thru msn messenger?

  markp80 12:21 01 May 2006

On saturday someone added me to their msn contacts.

I didn't recognise the name or the email address, I didn't know this person but I got the impression from chatting that he knew me.

Can you trace someone on msn messenger who may be using an email address under a false name and find out who it is?

I live in the UK, I don't know if that changes anything.



  johnnyrocker 12:28 01 May 2006

i doubt it but you could try a net profile search on msn and see what comes up.


  markp80 12:35 01 May 2006

But would that tell me anything if the person is using a false name?

I had a look at the profile by right clicking on the name in my contacts list and I also did the same to look at the contact card but it was blank.

I was a bit concerned because there were a couple of things about that chat that made me suspicious and I'd just like to put my mind at rest.

I wasn't sure if it was possible to make a note of the email address and trace them that way by finding out the IP address and identifying them that way.

But then again I haven't got a clue what I'm talking about now!!

  johnnyrocker 12:43 01 May 2006

there are not a lot of people with static ip addresses so not much chance there, a question comes to mind though, if you did not know the individual why did you accept the invitation to add the other party?


  markp80 12:45 01 May 2006

Because the name came up and I instinctively added it.

I didn't see any harm in doing so :-(

Looking back I shouldn't have done this

  March Hare 12:59 01 May 2006

Next time you chat with him ask him who he is, and how does he know you?

  recap 13:00 01 May 2006

You could try samspade (click here) it is meant to track down spam, but you may be able to use it to track down what you are looking for.

  markp80 13:05 01 May 2006

He said he had found my msn address on a guestbook somewhere and that is possible to be honest but I felt he knew me...

I've heard there is a 'whois' thing on msn but I don't know to use it.

Does anyone know how to use this? I got the impression the guy blocked me because he went offline suddenly. Can you still do the whois thing if you've been blocked by that person?

I tried the samspade thing but I didn't know where to enter the email address or what drop down choices I should make :-(


  markp80 13:28 01 May 2006

Any tips would really be appreciated :-)

  realist 13:41 01 May 2006

People use all sorts of email addresses/aliases online (if only to protect their own privacy) you've no chance of finding out "who he is" unless he tells you.

  markp80 13:42 01 May 2006

So there is absolutely no chance of it be traced?

The email address is all I have. I thought anyone was traceable.

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