Is it pos to check OS on new HD

  Newuser2 21:01 23 Oct 2003

I've installed a new hard drive. Both HD's are Western Digital & the installation etc went like a breeze except that the manual say's you have to install the OS, (I'm running ME) on the new drive to make it bootable, but it seems to boot up from the new drive OK. Is there any way I can check to see if the OS is installed OK on the new drive.

  powerless 21:05 23 Oct 2003

Use it.

  DieSse 22:34 23 Oct 2003

Tell us how you installed a second drive - as master or slave, and what you did to perform the installation.

  Newuser2 08:03 24 Oct 2003

I installed new drive as master & the old drive as slave.(To use as storage) Both old & new are Western Digital.
I used Western Digitals Data Lifeguard EZ-Install.
It all went OK after an initail stall as my BIOS wouldn't accept the fact that the new drive is 60Gs & I assume that the BIOS has got the 32 Gs limit.
I had to reset the jumpers to the alternative settings as described in the WD manual & all was OK.
The reason I asked the question is that the manual tells you to install the OS as & I quote "Due to how Win ME boots, system files copied to a drive using a Win Me boot disk will not make the drive bootable. To boot to the drive , you must install Win Me."
Trouble is I didn't have to use a boot disc so I am confused.
My concern is that can the OS get the info it needs from the old drive to allow the new drive
to boot. So if I reformat the old drive will thing go pear shaped.
I appreciate your help.

  temp003 08:55 24 Oct 2003

I assume you used the utility to copy the contents of the old drive to the new drive?

If there's only one partition on the new drive, then go to My Computer, highlight C and check its capacity. If the size is close to the size of the new drive (or close to the size of the new partition you created), then that means your computer is booting from the new drive. This method assumes that the size of the new drive is different from the old drive.

The safest way to check is to disconnect the old drive for the time being (just unplug the connection), restart computer and see if it boots into Windows. If it does and there's no problem, then you can reconnect the old drive, set it as slave, and format it.

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