is it ok to upgrade old system?

  gruffass 12:30 24 Feb 2006

About 6 yrs ago a friend built me a system with a pentium II 300, 96 ram. Since then ive bought new and upgraded so i have a spare 256 memory stick & 64 mb graphics card. Will it be ok to put them in the old system. The old system has windows ME

  gruffass 08:24 25 Feb 2006

didnt change memory cos the memory had to cut out grooves which fit into the slot where as the spare one had only 1, so i fitted the graphics card but when i turned it on it read the memory as ok but then came up with memory test fail! Wont boot up. could the graphics card have done that? Blown the memory? I get the same message when i put the original card back in.

  gruffass 08:54 25 Feb 2006

reseated the memory, no memory fail test message, i then get the "windows failed to start up properly" message pick 1.normal mode etc, so i pick safe mode and it stops booting up, monitor a blank screen!!! I hate computers!!

  gruffass 09:25 25 Feb 2006

This is the second pc this week that has "gone". Is it possible that a light bulb blowing would cause some kind of power surge? Clutching at straws i know but its kinda bugging me why 2 pc's fail in one week

  gruffass 16:10 25 Feb 2006

any ideas guys?

  namtas 22:01 25 Feb 2006


In theory it is possible that a bulb blowing causing a short circuit could prior the the protection working cause a problem, more so if you have a older type circuit with fuses rather than Circuit Breakers.
A surge suppressor if fitted would help prevent this voltage depression.

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