is it ok to upgrade old system?

  gruffass 12:30 24 Feb 2006

About 6 yrs ago a friend built me a system with a pentium II 300, 96 ram. Since then ive bought new and upgraded so i have a spare 256 memory stick & 64 mb graphics card. Will it be ok to put them in the old system. The old system has windows ME

  Softstag 12:31 24 Feb 2006

So long as they are compatible, yes.

  gruffass 08:24 25 Feb 2006

didnt change memory cos the memory had to cut out grooves which fit into the slot where as the spare one had only 1, so i fitted the graphics card but when i turned it on it read the memory as ok but then came up with memory test fail! Wont boot up. could the graphics card have done that? Blown the memory? I get the same message when i put the original card back in.

  wobblymike 08:39 25 Feb 2006

Pretty unlikely I would have thought - reseat your memory module just in case you've disturbed it and try again with original ram card.
PS your spare memory card sounds like a DDR stick whereas your original sound like SDRAM the two are not compatible.

  jack 08:49 25 Feb 2006

The theory of backward compatibility seems to have gone out of the window, such are the advances now.
Anything over, lets say two or so years old will not match earlier kit memory or motherboard wise.
Like wise new parts for earlier kit, will be as available a rocking horse ordure, although secondhand dealers/breakers may, have bits 'n' pieces to offer.

  gruffass 08:54 25 Feb 2006

reseated the memory, no memory fail test message, i then get the "windows failed to start up properly" message pick 1.normal mode etc, so i pick safe mode and it stops booting up, monitor a blank screen!!! I hate computers!!

  gruffass 09:25 25 Feb 2006

This is the second pc this week that has "gone". Is it possible that a light bulb blowing would cause some kind of power surge? Clutching at straws i know but its kinda bugging me why 2 pc's fail in one week

  gruffass 16:10 25 Feb 2006

any ideas guys?

  Ray5776 16:22 25 Feb 2006

I have had light bulbs blow and trip the breaker on that circuit. Presumably your PC is plugged into the
power circuit (Ring main) in which case it will be nothing to do with the light bulb, let go of that straw unless it was a table lamp or something on the same circuit but still extremely unlikely to be the cause of your problems.


  wobblymike 21:24 25 Feb 2006

I suggest you go to minimum configuration - i.e disconnect everything from the mobo except power, cpu and fan, graphics output and 1 stick of RAM. Switch on does PC boot the monitor? if no or no intermittently you know your problem is within this configuration. Do the easy things first try a different RAM stick and another graphics card (or if onboard graphics try a pci graphics card) - if problem remains you are left with PSU, mobo or cpu.
If on first switch on above PC boots monitor ok - repeat until you are happy that it is consistent if so problem is with one of the components disconnected or a bad connection. Boot problems like this in my experience are rarely caused by hard drives - more often by RAM or badly seated RAM modules or faulty mobos. Hope this helps

  namtas 22:01 25 Feb 2006


In theory it is possible that a bulb blowing causing a short circuit could prior the the protection working cause a problem, more so if you have a older type circuit with fuses rather than Circuit Breakers.
A surge suppressor if fitted would help prevent this voltage depression.

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