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Is it ok to send a configuraion file to the Recycle bin?

  K*B 11:52 11 Mar 2014

Hello friend, there are 2 desktop.ini files showing on my laptop desktop: one looks blurred, the other looks fine. I attempted deleting the blurred file but there was a caution that it is a system file. Now I'm confused. Is it ok to go ahead and delete it? I know it's wrong to delete .exe files, but what about .ini files? Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 13:16 11 Mar 2014

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  K*B 07:32 12 Mar 2014

Thanks for the link. In my case there are 2 desktop.ini icons on my Win Home Basic desktop. One looks blurred, the other looks firm, but it appears they contain the same data/information. Do I leave them both on the desktop? thanks.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:36 12 Mar 2014

"....... there was a caution that it is a system file"

Apologies for contradicting MechKB, but I wouldn't normally recommend deleting system files. If you do remove those particular files then they'll probably soon return.

As mentioned in Dave's link, go to Control Panel -> Folder Options -> "View" tab and tick the recommended Hide protected operating system files option and those files should vanish from your Desktop.

  Batch 09:08 12 Mar 2014

Depending on what operating system (e.g. WIndows 7) you are using it might suggest that you have "Hidden Files and Folders" set to Show and/or "Hide Protected Operating System Files" not ticked.

In Windows Explorer, if you click on the drop down list button immediately to the right of "Organize", select "Folders and Search Options". Then in the dialogue box that opens, click on the "View" tab and set "Hidden Files and Folders" to Don't Show and tick "Hide Protected Operating System Files" and then click OK.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:21 13 Mar 2014

" these tend to be copies that appear on the desktop then it is perfectly safe to delete them."

The file with the icon that "looks blurred" is almost certainly a system file and will reappear if deleted. That's why we've told the OP to hide those files from view. I do concede though that the non-blurred one may be safe to delete if it is an exact copy.

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