Is it normal for CRT monitors to buzz.

  OU812 15:24 08 Aug 2004

I been given on free loan from work an 19'Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454, now that we have switched over to TFT's.

While I probably wouldn't (after a recent experience with another 19' CRT) have brought a CRT monitor myself, I was in the market for a larger screen (than my current 15' inch TAFT) and I certainly can't argue with the price!

However by dint of the fact that my base unit is in another room connected by long cable runs to my home office I have a very quiet (when I want it to be anyhow)home working environment.

I've noticed that the monitors makes a humming noise that while not loud is just enough to be distracting and it seems to vary in pitch depending on the refresh rate selected-currently 90 MHz at 1280x1024. My question then is this normal?and if so what is the cause of this noise since I seem to remember reading somewhere that it can be the result of coil whine.

  johnnyrocker 15:35 08 Aug 2004

is it through the speakers or eminating from within the case? if the case you are probably right about the coil or transformer whine which is simple enough to resolve.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 08 Aug 2004

monitor problems and cures click here

  OU812 16:52 08 Aug 2004

Noise is coming from the case.

Had a quick look at the site Fruitbat and it seems to be a mine of information so thanks for the link.

Will go through in more detail later, too warm to be indoors at the moment!

  OU812 22:59 13 Aug 2004

I emailed IIyama and while they were unable to resolve the problem with the monitor they have offered to replace it!

I'm going to have a word at work (since they often offer to sell off old IT stock to staff) and see if they will sell me it.

If so once its mine, I'll get it replaced, otherwise I'll take it back to Work since to replace something that isn't mine is not really on and the buzzing while less pronounced than it was is still there.

  woodchip 23:08 13 Aug 2004

it's normal HT hum, PS it's not a good idea to have long runs of cable as you will get signal lose

  OU812 23:43 13 Aug 2004


What does HT stand for?

Yes I too have read about about signal loss which is why I use a high quality coex cable which gives fine picture quality.

  woodchip 15:06 14 Aug 2004

High Tension, it is the Transformer that produces the HT volts about 35.000volt in a colour TV or Monitor, that create the picture on screen sometimes it's high pitched whistle, something I do not hear now days with hearing aid

  OU812 15:07 21 Aug 2004

Monitor has now been replaed and problem has gone away I am please to say.

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