is it a network slot

  Andy-2004 21:27 03 Jan 2004

sry a not a very technical question here. i have an rj-45 slot on the back of my motherboard, does that mean i can use lan with that or do i need a network card

  LastChip 21:43 03 Jan 2004

If you have an RJ45 port, the chances are, your motherboard has on board LAN (Local Area Network). Your motherboard manual should tell you. If that is true, you do not need another card.

You may also find it has been disabled and you will have to enable it via the BIOS, but more about that if necessary, and again, instructions should be in the manual.

  Andy-2004 22:07 03 Jan 2004

the reason i asked is because i am trying to set up a connection to my ps2(network adapter) but since im not connecting to another pc i can determin if the connection is workiing or not. when i set up all the info on the ps2 its does a diagnostic and dosent get passed the point of connection to network. i use usb based bt voyger modem) so my only choice other than spending moner on a router is to share internet from the pc.

  LastChip 22:22 03 Jan 2004

click here

Please see if it helps.

  Andy-2004 22:29 03 Jan 2004

i just can't get the damm thing to work my ps2 setting configured
does any one know of a site where i can see step by step pics of setting it up on the ps2 end. ok maby not pics but anything would be good

  LastChip 22:39 03 Jan 2004

Have you enabled Inernet connection sharing on your computer?

It appears from the link I gave you, your computer connects to the internet and shares the connection with your ps2 network adapter.

  Andy-2004 22:43 03 Jan 2004

take it u have never accually tryed to do this because its really conplicated and it askes for all this tecnical stuff and i just do have a clue

come on ppl help me


  LastChip 23:00 03 Jan 2004

What information is it asking for?

  Andy-2004 23:04 03 Jan 2004

by the way i meant i dont have a clue¬

  vinnyo123 23:05 03 Jan 2004

after you set up ics through wizard (add new connection in my network places).This will be a gateway for your ps2 adapter to get to there sight.You have to give your pc a network address in the class c range 192.x.x.x and give your ps2 one in the same range 192.x.x.x but make sure it is different,and tell the ps2 the GATEWAY address is the PC's address .Also you have to give the ps2 the addresses of your ISP DNS servers .You can get this through command promp and type ipconfig/all.Just doulble check if ICS uses a private address or ISP's public address not sure off hand.Someone here should be able to answer that quickly ...

hope this helps a bit

  Andy-2004 23:06 03 Jan 2004

is the ip adress obtained automaticly (dhcp is used)

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