It must be the graphic card causing the problem?

  So Afraid 12:51 23 Feb 2010

Black screen crashes any time,10 mins or 2hrs and the pc will not respond and have to power down by pressing power button.

virus scan will crash to black screen with the same result,tried latest and older drivers and convinced its not them,temps all fine in pc,tried memtest86 and it crashes after 5 mins,fairly new power supply convinced its not that,done a recent formatt and clean install xp.

Tried another card and no crashes in 3 days, virus scan no problem, memtest86 no problem,everything working ok touch wood.
The problem card is 6 months old so i think its time to send it back? ati card,nothing else i can think of.

  xania 15:41 23 Feb 2010

Hve you tried the card in another PC. Might be worth a try, but probably better getting it back to the supplier asap and let them test it.

  So Afraid 16:29 23 Feb 2010

No other pc to try it in,i have seen lots of posts on the amd forum about problems with grey stripes/black screens etc and blaming drivers,but no drivers i have tried have made any difference since this started happening, its only a low spec hd4350 and the amd forum problems seem to relate to higher spec cards.

  GaT7 16:51 23 Feb 2010

If the graphics card was the only thing you changed, & which has solved all the problems, then it has got to be it.

Except that it could've been its drivers conflicting with other drivers. So like xania suggests, the only way to know with a greater degree of certainty may be to install it in another working PC. G

  So Afraid 17:11 23 Feb 2010

Yes i agree its the only thing i have changed so its almost certain to be the card,i know trying it in another pc is the best bet but thats the problem.

  So Afraid 17:18 23 Feb 2010

Forgot to say when i reformatted the hd and clean install xp,the ati card was the first i tried again so there should have been no other drivers to conflict with.

Another pointer to being a faulty card would you agree.

  GaT7 17:28 23 Feb 2010

"so there should have been no other drivers to conflict with."

When you install XP, some drivers would've been installed by default via the XP disk. But I guess one could use the same argument with any other PC it has problems in.

One other think you can try is to see how it fares with Linux. There are various free versions that don't even need to be installed on the hard disk, & will run off a 'Live CD'. If it gives the same symptoms in Linux, then you can safely conclude it's at fault. G

  So Afraid 17:33 23 Feb 2010

Thanks again.

Just a thought can i put the card back and not install drivers for a while and try some tasks,or would not installing drivers cause a problem in its self.

  GaT7 17:40 23 Feb 2010

XP will load its own drivers/saved drivers from last time(?) for the card.

What I would suggest is not physically reinstalling the faulty GPU, until AFTER you've downloaded, created the Linux Live CD (LLC) & are ready to boot up for the 1st time with the LLC in the optical drive. Before you boot up for the first time, remember to change the boot order to run the optical drive first. G

  So Afraid 21:31 23 Feb 2010

I will search for a small linux live cd version to download,some are hundreds of mbs or even gbs.

  GaT7 21:37 23 Feb 2010

Sorry, I thought I gave you a few links, but no.

DSL must be he smallest click here. G

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