Is it me or my wireless keyboard that's faulty?

  polymath 21:28 10 Aug 2005

I've just tried my new SilverCrest wireless mouse & keyboard set, and found several keys don't work. Is there any chance that it's just the way I've set it up, and I won't have to send it back (to Germany I think - it is under guarantee). Has anyone solved this problem at home?

Everything else works fine, but managing without i,s,v and 6 doesn't appeal!

I use Win98SE, and haven't bothered yet installing the Silvercrest software (the Windows drivers do all I want for now).

Please excuse my having to go now for the night, but I'll be back in the morning.

  Stuartli 21:39 10 Aug 2005

I have the same keyboard and optical mouse (both are rebranded A4Tech products); it's part of a tieup with Lidl.

The first point is to ask, when you set it up, did you read the instructions?

If not then you will be unaware that you have to press the button under the mouse and then click the button on the receiver. You then press the button under the keyboard. Must be done within about 25 seconds which is more than enough time.

If this doesn't work then install the Silvercrest drivers and repeat the routine.

Apart from the Silvercrest configuration icon in the Taskbar, there are some Advanced mouse settings from Device Manager>Mouse>Properties>Advanced tab.

  Stuartli 21:41 10 Aug 2005

The above Advanced tab info relates to XP Pro so I'm not sure if it will also affect Windows98SE..:-)

  DieSse 23:01 10 Aug 2005

Four keys not working is very very unlikely to be anything other than a faulty keyboard.

If it's new, just take it back to Lidls - it's not your problem, it's theirs.

  polymath 12:26 11 Aug 2005

Yes thanks Stuartli - I did follow those instructions (button sequence is receiver-keyboard-receiver-mouse to be exact, but it worked anyway).
I will install the Silvercrest drivers once this is sorted out, and explore the facilities this time (I never got round to it with my previous, wheeled cordless mouse!)

Yes DieSse, I agree with your logic, and of course the shop's the first stop - I wasn't thinking straight before. Much less fiddly to drive 1/2 hour to my nearest Lidl & get it sorted on the spot, too!

If they can't offer a replacement (as opposed to a refund), I might try and configure 4 keys I'm unlikely to need, to replace the duff ones (being just a 1-finger typist, it doesn't matter much where thay are!). Shopping's not easy here in rural Donegal (with the exception of the admirable Maplins' mail order system).

Thanks to you both.

  polymath 20:18 19 Aug 2005

Lidl offered a refund, but couldn't offer a replacement as they had none anywhere in Ireland, so they suggested ringing SilverCrest's hotline. I explained to them, and there's now a new keyboard set on its way to me soon (from Germany, I presume).

This has become more of a Consumerwatch topic, but I just wanted to check if anyone had the same problem, and cured it with a bit of tapping or something!
Thanks for your help.

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