Is it me or is my Broadband connection slowing up?

  kinger 20:58 03 Oct 2004

I subscribed to BT Broadband as soon as we were able in our area.

Early this year I upgraded to 1MB Broadband and, boy, did it fly.

However, recently, my browsing seems to be so slow I am getting angry waiting for pages to load.

Is BT slowing down connetions or am I just imagining it?

It happens on my laptop and desktop all using the same connection through a router, although both computers aren't using the system at the same time.

Has anyone else noticed a slow down on Broadband?

I originally (when first on Broadband) installed BT Broadband booster program (it altered slow connections to go faster, which seemed to work at the time) but was advised to reverse the settings now as BT uses different technology to connect customers.

Luckily, the program saved my settings and was able to alter my system back to how it was.

After doing this I still get the same slow down.

Any pointers?

  2neat 21:12 03 Oct 2004

click here for a speed test. Conten ratio 50:1 may be more people using the bandwidth m8.

  kinger 21:35 03 Oct 2004

It must be more people using the bandwidth, nothing faulty was found.

Although my speed is slower, I must have just gotten used to it which makes it seem much worse.

Thanks for the very useful posting, much appreciated.

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