Is it me

  james55 22:39 08 Dec 2003

Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

Twice tonight when logging in and after logging in I have recieved this message on the advert on the right of the screen. I presume it is the AMD advert, not that I really care is it me or PCA that is causing this message.

PS. this is not a complaint, I think this forum has come on leaps and bounds since I joined it not that long ago.

  wee eddie 22:48 08 Dec 2003

you need to download Macromedia Flash Player version 6.

This may solve your problem

  james55 22:50 08 Dec 2003

My ISP timed me out and when I logged in again the advert was back. Therefore I assume it wasn’t me.

  james55 23:02 08 Dec 2003

Gaz 25

Maybe, and I am an Intel fan, but it doesn’t annoy me enough to block it, so I assume it is coming from the PCA site.

  james55 23:05 08 Dec 2003


Thanks for the response, I don't think I have a problem this end or it would not have corrected it self.

  hugh-265156 23:15 08 Dec 2003

i have got the same error earlier today on this advert james55 and im all flashed and shockwaved up here.think its the ads fault maybe. did not stop me logging in though.

  james55 23:22 08 Dec 2003


Thanks that is what I wanted to hear, I should have mentioned I had no problems logging on.

I will tick the old box after sending this.

  james55 23:26 08 Dec 2003

Sorry huggyg71

Lost the g somewhere in th last post, I will check the carpet in the morning.

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