Is it legal - copying VHS to DVD

  swapper 17:10 10 Feb 2004

Is it legal to copy my old collection of VHS tape films to DVD, for my own personal use as I want to reduce my storage space.

  ensonricky 17:12 10 Feb 2004


  Jester2K 17:34 10 Feb 2004

Depends on the copyright.

If its your holidays in Clacton then thats OK.

If its Hollywood blockbusters for the last 10 years then no.

  dfghjkl 18:01 10 Feb 2004

i guess we are allowed to tape a film off the tv onto vhs (or not)so i cant see a problem with those but any bought ones will come with a copyright in the credits and maybe on the sleeve as well.

  Indigo 1 19:21 10 Feb 2004

Surely if you just make one copy for your own personal use (so as not to degrade your VHS copy any more) then that would be ?

  Tim1964 19:57 10 Feb 2004

We are not legally allowed to record off the TV either but can you imagine the uproar if 'they' tried to prosecute someone for it. If you are only converting tapes you have anyway then no one is going to 'do you' for it.

Have you noticed that it's illegal to re-sell a book? The charity shops / bootsalers would all burn in hell for the amount of that going on :)

  gold 47 20:13 10 Feb 2004

If the tape is encripted you could never copy it from tape to tape as the picture was unstable don't know if you would get the same result going to DVD after using the DVD copy software.

  gold 47 20:32 10 Feb 2004

Sorry for spelling error should read ENCRYPTION.

  swapper 22:47 10 Feb 2004

well guys, and dolls??

I think that I will consider this question as resolved, and use my common sense, thanks for giving me a nudge in the right direction :-))

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