is it legal

  reclaimjack 13:15 29 Nov 2005

is it legal to connect to a network to access the internet if the network aint yours

  daisy2bell 14:00 29 Nov 2005

I would assume that this would be illegal.If I am wrong, at least it is morally wrong

  mikef. 14:29 29 Nov 2005

We went through this earlier this year and it is illegal as well as being thoroughly immoral I suggest you read the appropriate thread click here

  mammak 21:22 29 Nov 2005

mikef.just read your click here thread I am shaking in my slippers what an issue, (quote would never knowingly do this to anyone legal or not wouldnt like to think someone was stealing from me so would not do it to anyone)I have just set up my own network and at present only have ICS havent a clue about the rest but aim to find out and sooner rather than later.
mikef.thanks for opening my eye's to a very frighting subject.

  reclaimjack 23:03 29 Nov 2005

i am not ripping it i agree that wrong its only a 512k broard band connection. I got 2meg anyway. but the point being that every time i try to put a pc on my network if its set to auto connect, it jumps on it getts on my tits. which means that every time i go away and stay in travell inns i just set it(notepad) to connect to anything so then when i come back if i dont change it i am a criminal all because of windows settings, which makes me think if you left you car alarm on in the street u can get done but if you leave a wireless router getting on everones tits thats ok... i even think it comming from the estate agents next door any will post again cheers for responce

  Chegs ®™ 10:46 30 Nov 2005

I can't understand your last post,I think your saying the WiFi signals from the Estate Agents...why not call-in and point out their setups accessible by all and sundry.

Whenever I have been out with my laptop,the vast majority of commercial premises with public access points are encrypted requiring me to purchase airtime to access.

I was very surprised to find so many home LAN's with no encryption,any Tom-Dick or Harry can freely surf through the connection(if Tom-Dick or Harry doesn't mind risking a jail sentence)

  reclaimjack 17:22 30 Nov 2005

you mean pay for it why ???? the girl at the desk ussally tells you how to get it free thats why you pay to stay there

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