Is it just me or XP?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 00:22 01 Feb 2003

Hi all.

I have been on XP for nearly two weeks now and i find it a very stable operating system and has a very neat interface and some handy features.
But...I have tried loading a few games up and i'm having some problems. The games being..Medal of honour and Soldier of fortune.

Medal of Honour used to work perfectly up until i decided to format my hard drive due to all the rubbish that multivision put on it e.g MirrorDisc.
Since then, i have struggled to install it as a dialogue box keeps appearing saying something like "file : EN-2....Fault:Incorrect function", as i absolutely love the game i am quite annoyed. Anyone know what is causing this?

Then there is Soldier of Fortune which keeps sticking and crashing...i took the first game back to the shop but the second one does exactly the same.

Has anyone had similar problems or even know what is causing this?

AMD Athlon XP 2700+
512mb 333MHz fsb DDR RAM
MSI nVidia GeForce4 Ti4800 128mb DDR RAM

  jazzypop 00:30 01 Feb 2003

When you reformatted, did you download and install the latest motherboard, sound card and graphics card drivers?

Have you installed the latest patches for the games?

It seems strange that it was working before you formatted.

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 01:56 01 Feb 2003

Yes i did download the latest drivers....didn't download the game patches though as the Medal of honor was working perfectly before and soldier of fortune 2 doesn't have a relevant updated patch yet.

  BBez 04:36 01 Feb 2003

personally I think XP "holds your hand" too much. Windows 2000 Pro has had most of the bugs "ironed-out".For all users that reckons it doesn't play games, install service pack 3, create a "power user" account, log-on with the "power user" account and then it will run games as "fast as" Win 98se

  BBez 04:49 01 Feb 2003

Meant to add, I'm running SOF_II, Need_4_Speed_II, Half_Life & Medal_of_Honour and it runs like a train under a PU account

  BigMoFoT 09:40 01 Feb 2003

Can't see why you have a problem - contact the manufacturers - oh and the Gold Patch has been released for SOF 2

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