Is it just me or are the nu ads slightly annoying?

  theDarkness 22:45 04 May 2010

The new 'peeling' Blackberry advert on the far right hand side of the screen on here is preventing me from clicking on "my postings" and "my profile"! When I click on "close ad" they immediately return to their previous state of getting ready to peel off, so I cant do anything! Perhaps its a problem with firefox, but I really do hate flash adverts! LOL! Perhaps I shouldnt laugh, in 10 yrs time every site will be loaded up with similar 'over the top' flash advertising ;)

  Technotiger 23:03 04 May 2010

Why not install the Firefox Add-on called Adblock Plus, it is great.

Also Remove it Permanently (RIP) another Firefox Add-on.

I use both, and so do not have any problems with Ads in Firefox.

  theDarkness 23:05 04 May 2010

update - sorry, it was only the "my postings" section at the top that I couldnt click on!
I found can get around it by clicking on "my profile" which leads me to a normal screen with a clickable "my postings" at the top, but it was slightly annoying all the same! lol.

  theDarkness 23:06 04 May 2010

thanks, I forgot that there were such tools that could prevent flash ads from running! zZzz :)

  kwil2 03:37 05 May 2010

Ad-Block is good but shouldn't have to be deployed because of this rapidly-deteriorating magasine's dash for more advertising cash.
Noticed how thin the magasine's been getting for long enough?
Recent ads make login and logout difficult and just infuriate rather than attract possible custom for the product.
Yeah...I'll buy a Blackberry now...fat chance!
Subscribed for many years but this is the last straw...goodbye PCAdvisor...or do you need an irritating ad to let you know how dumb you're being?

  mole44 06:51 05 May 2010

This site has to be paid for somehow,the odd ad although anoying to some helps with costs.Thnk of all the money and stress we`ve saved with the help of this forum.Now those ads pale into nothing i think you`ll agree.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:43 05 May 2010

Well said and perfect perspective at last.


  mooly 07:47 05 May 2010

Regulars will be fed up with me whinging about PCA site problems, but it's a fact. The ads seem to cause all sorts of issues, they also cause a lot of processor activity, fan running excessively etc etc.
Every not responding, every IE freeze has always been down to this site.

However pages not displaying correctly hasn't been one of the problems... yes the peeling corner is just touching "log out" box and hovering over it and clicking the incredibly faint tiny microscopic text "close add" has done just that... it's gone.

That's IE8 and Vista.

By the way... I haven't has a not responding/freeze on here for 4 or 5 days so don't know if anything was changed on here or not ;-)

  desi3026 08:08 05 May 2010

Agree with Technotiger,now use Firefox and Adblock plus.No more adverts.So impressed,am thinking of making it my default browser.

  birdface 10:29 05 May 2010

An old thread from November.

click here

Maybe you will find some advice on there that will help.

  Muergo 16:12 05 May 2010

Adding my halfpenny worth, I have latest Firefox and have been using Adblock Plus for ages.
Don't get any ads at all, new ones just click it to put in Adblock memory and no more needed.

I have all cookies UNblocked and never clear them, just let them die, Adblock still works perfectly.

Re Malwarebytes, my free copy automatically scans and updates.
Got Pro version of Advanced System care for free, watch for offers.
Sunny Staines is good for posting those on here.

Only pay for SAS top version and Panda suite.2010

It's not worth renewing these Suite packages as Amazon usually discounts a whole new one cheaper than manufacturers "special"

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