Is it just me..

  Josquius 19:13 16 Mar 2006

Or do spaces take up SLIGHTLY less space then other regular characters?
I am messing on with assembly code trying to get it to draw graphs however when I have different values in each column things get slightly distorted.
Is there some better way of making a space (but not quite as big as tab)?

  Josquius 19:15 16 Mar 2006

I'm certain it does...

Is there some kind of half space even?

  Pineman100 19:56 16 Mar 2006

Most fonts are arranged with what's called "proportional spacing". This means that narrow letters (like "i" for example) take up much less space than wide ones (eg "w"). The spacebar space will always be the same width, but won't necessarily be the same width as some of the letters.
I hope that makes some sense.

  Rich 3570 19:59 16 Mar 2006

There are some fonts however which do have equal spacing for all characters including spaces, i think courrier may be one of them but don't quote me.

  Jackcoms 20:05 16 Mar 2006

Fascinating thread.

Is this why we refer to being in cyber space? ;-))

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