Is it illegal to share your WiFi Connection.

  mrcalif 11:36 01 Jul 2018

Is it illegal to share your WiFi Connection with your Neighbour. Even though most Modern, Hi-End Routers have a Guest Connection within they're Built-in Settings?

No mention on my ISP's T&C's.

  wiganken2 12:28 01 Jul 2018

It can't be illegal or else it would not be as easy as just giving someone your Wi-Fi password (PW) but why would you let your neighbour use your Wi-Fi?. If your neighbour is asking you to give them your Wi-Fi PW then they are asking for a free ride at your expense. If they are that sort of neighbour then what are they going to get up to whilst using your Wi-Fi? If they do anything illegal it gets traced back to you. Tell them to get their own Wi-Fi and if they can't afford it then do without.

  alanrwood 12:30 01 Jul 2018

It depends on the ISP's terms and conditions. Although I can see no really legitimate reason to do so

  mrcalif 15:04 01 Jul 2018

You know, I had rather a heated debate/discussion with two so called esteem members of these forums. (One was Civil).

The other, no matter how I tried to put my point across ended up being abusive. (Actually his first response to a post was aggressive).

I wonder if you guys would like to take a look. click here It makes some rather interesting reading.

  john bunyan 15:38 01 Jul 2018

I am sure people want to be helpful on these forums. Occasionally we have disagreements but perhaps one should just move on.

I imagine that, in general it is best to have one’s own ISP to avoid either party inadvertently importing a “nasty “, but there may be a few cases where it would be useful - eg if you rent a “hut” office in someone’s garden

  lotvic 16:13 01 Jul 2018

This so called esteemed member would like to point out that on the thread that mrcalif has linked to, if the first response hadn't been a load of Bull Shazbot from MJS WARLORD the ensuing misunderstandings might have been avoided.

The Thread became hijacked. Quite apt really as the first post of advice involved deleting the Aunt's details... so the nephew could take over a stronger WiFi, I don't think you can argue that would be okay even thought there is nothing in T&C's that specifically forbid it.

  lotvic 17:03 01 Jul 2018

mrcalif, Shazbot frustration. There in the other Thread we have classic examples of different interpretations of globally ambiguous posts. Obviously at the mo' you only see your interpretation.

  mrcalif 17:31 01 Jul 2018

Lotvic you kindly gave me a definition of the word.

it's an Orkan profanity

A rather grown up response I must add.

  lotvic 17:37 01 Jul 2018

mrcalif, thank you, I'm going to sit in my garden chair now and eat an ice-cream.

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