is it illegal??

  User-CC451423-468D-451F-9CBC223C3471A828 21:09 20 Jan 2006

please can any one tell me...
Is it illegal to copy a picture from the web by right clicking and save it .. and use it..

thank you

  VoG II 21:10 20 Jan 2006

Depends what you want to use it for and whether it is a copyrighted pic/website.

  Ikelos 21:11 20 Jan 2006

every picture is owned by someone, so yes, it is..

  ade.h 21:11 20 Jan 2006

It is someone's IP. If they have not given consent, then you are breaking copyright law.

  stalion 21:12 20 Jan 2006

if it is protected by copy right it's illegal to use it without the permission of the owner

  ade.h 21:13 20 Jan 2006

Examples of sites that do generally include consent for personal use; wallpaper galleries. Sites that sometimes give permission for published use; clipart galleries. Take an image from my site, for example, and you would have no rights whatsoever.

  Forum Editor 01:25 21 Jan 2006

is automatically protected by copyright from the moment it's published. Someone who designs and publishes a site does not have to do anything to 'register' copyright - it's an automatic right that exists in all 'original work' from the moment of creation. It applies to Plays, songs, music, paintings, sculpture, novels, textbooks, essays, letters (personal and business), photographs, films, TV transmissions, and so on.

Not many people realise that when they send someone a letter they own the copyright in it - not the recipient. Those love letters you got from Britney Spears belong to her, not you, and if you publish the content without her prior consent she can sue you for copyright breach. The same thing applies to photographs. Copyright in your wedding photos belongs to the photographer - even if you paid him to come and take them - and you do not have a right to the negatives unless he agrees. That's why you cannot prevent a photographer from publishing that picture of you at the races with someone else's wife - he doesn't need your consent to take the image in the first place, or to publish it. There are special circumstances where a gross invasion of your privacy occurs, but that's another story.

Many websites will permit the use of images, but you should never make an assumption. It's OK to use extracts from text - say from a BBC news item - but you must not use the full article without prior consent.

  Danoh 03:23 21 Jan 2006

Such as the sexist bragging in the City of London, forwarded all around? Is that the individual's or his employer's IP? :-)

  wee eddie 10:44 21 Jan 2006

I believe this is what is involved here.

As has been said above, an individual holds the copywrite of anything written by themselves and is therefor responsible for it's content.

However, an employer is vicariously liable for the actions of it's employees actions during the time of their employment.

  j3nks 10:59 21 Jan 2006

It would be best to assume that all images are copyright unless it states they are not.

An interesting legal point is if you are taking pictures you cannot use them comercialy if you took them on private property without the owners consent but if you are in a public place then that image does not have a copyright. Basicaly if you are on a public road or path then what you can see if fair game but if you step off the public area then you are taking copyrighted images.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:06 21 Jan 2006

Images taken in public places DO have the copyright of the photographer. Images taken on private property cannot be used for commercial gain. Images taken on public property can be used for commercial gain under strict rules.


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