It had to happen

  deke 18:56 18 May 2004

been using avg since 2000, I did an update today and all seemed ok!!,I thought I will try housecall just to make sure, As you do.
Would you believe it I have been penetrated by -JAVA BYTEVER.A, Housecall has sorted it out though!, eh hopefully??


  end 19:10 18 May 2004

???which housecall???

  deke 19:17 18 May 2004

This one here click here


  Eastender 20:16 18 May 2004

I've just done a search of Trend's virus data base for Java Bytever.A

No result, strange init? Any chance of it being a false indication?

  deke 20:21 18 May 2004

I did a google search ,I think it's spyware rather than anything really sinister!


  Graham ® 20:36 18 May 2004

Further info, it may just be in the cache.

click here

  Eastender 20:45 18 May 2004

There is a Trojan known as:-

Trojan.ByteVerify on Symantec

Exploit_ByteVerify on McAfee

Exploit.Java.Byteverify on Kaspersky


Java/ByteVerify on Grisoft (AVG)

So if it's on AVG database why no indication?

I think Trend could be over enthusiastic.

  end 20:49 18 May 2004

i run Trend occasionally as a "back -up". I hav Norton antivirus on here which "does its own thing" far so good with no infections...hummm

  spuds 20:56 18 May 2004

Scary when it happens, isn't it.

  deke 23:17 18 May 2004

Very Scary it's like waiting on the results of a biopsy..... well almost
I think that i am clear, thanks to those clever people at trend micro and avg


  end 23:32 18 May 2004

STILL clean!!!! just rerun a spot of Trend......(but then my son has not been on this computer for awhile.....and I watch him like a hawk wehn he is, to ensure "safe sites"......

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