Is It Hacked

  eljanno 23:50 22 Jun 2004

Can someone help please:
My nephew is having a problem with his pc, when he tries to connect to the internet (AOL dial-up) he gets a message that say's something like 'DANGER I CAN ACCESS YOUR FILES' then he sees his dial up connection conecting not to AOL but to something called Andy in usa.
Has his pc been hacked, and if so is a reload the best thing to rid him of this hacker. I have been told that he could expect very large phone bills.
I can reload for him but no windows disc was given to him from the company he bought the PC from, I have a XP Pro disc would I be able to load the PC with that, I mean would all the drivers be the same.

  [email protected] 00:43 23 Jun 2004

Are you sure that the message is not an advert?

Does he have any firewall and spyware removal programs installed?

  Giggle n' Bits 00:57 23 Jun 2004

You need to download and run CW Shredder (search at This should hopefully shift it also search for Stinger from McFee associates and run the stinger.

Make sure the Security levels in Internet Explorer are all set to default for each Zone.

Download all Windows XP Microsoft Windows updates.

You cannot install your copy of XP Pro on another machine this will be a violation of the microsoft Terms & conditions and could land you in trouble and also cause problems intime via web access.

Hasn't the manufacutrer of the pc supplied any form of a System resotre CD ?

  eljanno 10:05 23 Jun 2004

No there was no cd with he machine, he cannot download anything because he cannot access the net. No he's certain its not an advert. I bought him a firewall for his birthday but he didnt put it on. He's since installed it, and the antivirus I bought him as well, but when he does a scan no viruses show. I am going to visit next week (he lives 300miles from me) so if there is some way of me being able to get hold of the program you mention for him, I could pass it on.
Yes your right about the XP disc I forgot.

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