Is it a faulty monitor/virus/power problem

  tomnewton 13:32 02 Oct 2003

Recently whenever I start windows my monitor turns off computer crashes so I can't turn it on. This happens in about 20 seconds. I then have to turn it off at the source. What is the liekly problem/solution?

  woodchip 13:48 02 Oct 2003

have you tried starting in safe mode keep pressing f8 when you start. if it goes come back with new info

  DieSse 14:25 02 Oct 2003

Can you explain in a few more words and some more detail please, exactly what happens - because I can't fully understand what you are saying.

  PA28 14:35 02 Oct 2003

If I understand this correctly - and I see what DieSse means! - it might be a problem with the graphic card driver as it switches to Windows mode. Woodchip's suggestion would validate this - if you can get into safe mode then I would, as a first step, remove the display adaptor (and the monitor as well for good measure) then reboot and let the system redetect.

  DieSse 14:50 02 Oct 2003

"Recently whenever I start windows ...." - Do you mean when you switch the computer on?

"my monitor turns off" - Do you mean you never get a display - or do you get a display, and at what point does it turn off - Do you mena turn off or go blank - Do you ever see anything on it, if so what.

"computer crashes so I can't turn it on" - How do you know the computers crashed if you can't see anything? - Do you really mean you can't turn it on - or should that be you can't turn it off? - if you mean you can't turn it off - try pressing the power button and holding it for about 6-7 seconds - there's often a delay on them.

  Jester2K II 14:53 02 Oct 2003

Also when the "monitor turns off" what colour is the light on the monitor by the power switch? Green or orange??

  tomnewton 15:16 02 Oct 2003

thanks all. i mean when i turn the computer on and then log on to windows, after a short period the monitor switches off and the standby light turns orange on the monitor. I think it has then crashed as I cannot turn it off at the case and have to switch it off at the wall. I will try starting in safe mode when I get back home this evening. Thanks again.

  PA28 21:19 02 Oct 2003

As obviously something worked (you ticked the box) what was the problem in the end?

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