Is it Dead or can it be revived

  alltime 10:04 23 Nov 2011

I have an asus p4p800e deluxe motherboard running win xp. i normally leave my computer on at night. its about 7 years old. it has pent4 processor lg multidrive maxtor 160gb sata hdd. I came down this morning and the cd drawer light was intermitantly flashing and the computer just wouldnt boot. the cd drawer just wouldnt open even with using a paperclip. there was no cd in it. I took the side off and disconnected the drive but still no joy. turned off and on again but still no joy. the computer starts up, fan runns but wont boot.It sounds as the the hdd is not booting up . any suggestions would be appreciated.

  gengiscant 10:33 23 Nov 2011

Dead harddrive perhaps? Have you looked in the bios to see if the harddrive is recognized, in fact you should see that info on the one of the first screens after pushing the power button.

Would be worth looking in the bios to see what exactly is being recognised.

  alltime 12:13 23 Nov 2011

have tried another hdd in and still the same. Motherboard? processor?

  gengiscant 12:20 23 Nov 2011

What about the bios readings?

  alltime 19:19 23 Nov 2011

there is nothing on the screen . I press delete and nothing happens. i press f8 and nothing happens. cant get into bios as no display at all

  gengiscant 19:41 23 Nov 2011

So after pressing the power on button you can hear fans turning but you get absolutely nothing on screen at all, is this correct? Is it the CPU fan or case fans that turn or both? Is there any sounds from the hard-drive? As you say, possible mobo or CPU failure.

  alltime 22:46 24 Nov 2011

the cpu and case fan runs, the board light comes on, there is no activity from the hdd no post or anything on the screen. I suspect the mobo has gone down. most pecular fault though to find the cd activity light flashing as the start of it, and the drawer wouldnt open Im not going to give this anymore time, ill just do my research and build another one, but reluctantly with an asus board as this is the second one in seven years as i built a back up computer as well and the board went down on that about 3 years ago. Anyway many thanks for your help and advise.

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