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Is it beyond upgrading?

  Daisy22 13:07 24 Jan 2006

We have just been given a PC for our daughter. The details of the PC are:
Intel Celeron version X86
398 mz
Memory RAM 64 mb
It has been upgraded to windows XP

It is running, but is extremely slow, it's more fun watching paint dry!

Will it be possible to add more memory to speed it up? She will want to play some games on it, but will mostly want it for internet and Messenger.

  Belatucadrus 13:47 24 Jan 2006

click here for XP system requirements.

"64 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and some features"

This indicates that your system is at the extreme bottom edge of the specification envelope and as all your running software such as anti virus will also want its chunk of RAM, explains why your system is so slow.
More memory would help, but with your systems age unless you can pick some up off e-bay it's likely to be ridiculously expensive. You'd probably be better off removing XP and going back whatever you had before, be it W98 or something else less resource hungry.

  Batch 16:52 24 Jan 2006

If your budget will stretch to it, if you go to somewhere like ebuyer click here, you can pick up a half decent system unit with Windows, speakers, keyboard and mouse (i.e. all but the monitor - you can use the one that you've got), for around £250 all-in. This would be a much much better solution.

Also, people like Dell sometimes have complete systems (including screen) for under £300 all-in.

  Daisy22 16:39 25 Jan 2006

I haven't got a windows 98 installation disc, is there a site where I can download it (legally?)
Many thanks

  woodchip 17:20 25 Jan 2006

Start with a new system box you can get from about £250 click here les OS

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