It auto inserts in previous words while typing

  richardkms 10:50 14 May 2006

Has anyone come accross this?
My problem is when I type. Now and then the pointer skips back & inserts itself to carry on typing in the middle of a previous (not the same distance away) word which unless it is noticed right away, causes me to do a cut and paste!!! and now it has just done exactly that!!!!!!!
There seems to be no reason for a trigger - not the same letter or same line or number of typed letters inbetween etc.
The only similarity is XP pro and the same msword 2000 since it happens on both of my laptops which are different makes and models.
This happens not only on word2000, but on emails, typing this piece etc.
Can somebody help me?

  gudgulf 11:04 14 May 2006

Sticking keyboard keys?

Faulty keyboard?

Check keyboard is properly connected to back of pc or try a different keyboard and see if the problem persists.

Clear the CMOS using the motherboard jumper/remove battery, in case it is not recognising the keyboard properly.

  Stuartli 11:06 14 May 2006

It could be to do with AutoCorrect - check out the configuration from Word>Tools>Spelling and Grammar and AutoCorrect.

  richardkms 17:48 14 May 2006

Thanks for thereply - but the keyboards are reacting the same on different laptops. There seems to be no common factor. Again, whilst typing this piece the problem has occured again!
There seems to be no wrong settings in words tools either.

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