issues with regarding large fan noise and temp

  kskdfskfskfkskfskfk 23:16 21 Jul 2014

I have tried to take some readings of the fans rpm. by dowloading speed fan . I am concerned of the temp at the top which reads 123 . ihave posted a picture of the readings of the fans . Also has the readings of the cpu 4 core threads

I am trying to make my to be quite as when i first bought it . Please can anyone tell me if 123 C is normal as seems to be a hot temp. This could be the reason for the fans constantly spinning around.

i ve recenlty purchased a new poweer supply which is a corsiar 850 . i am hoping this will solve the issue of the fans. As my old power supply is over five years old

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  BRYNIT 23:39 21 Jul 2014

If the noise is from the power supply fan then yes it will solve the noise problem. The noise could be from the graphics card or CPU fan.

From the link the temperatures seem OK, have you opened the side of your computer and checked all other fans for dust etc.

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