Issues with packard bell all in one l5351

  kenpachi 14:38 18 Nov 2013

Hi, My packard bell all in one l5351 was making a hell lot of noise so I open it and clean the fan. I then put it back together after applying the thermal paste. But it wouldn't stay on for up to 30 mins. So I took the back cover off(plastic cover) and then the metal cover which covers the fan and motherboard. I turn the pc back on for an hour and download cpu temp monitor click here the temperate was between 21-23 degree, so agter an hour, it didn't shut itswlf down, I shut it down myself. I then put the covers back on(plastic and metal cover). I waited for 20 minutes and then turn it back on. After 27 minutes and 9 seconds it shut itself down(I didn't monitor the cpu temperature this time).

I have no idea why this is choosing this. Someone told me to buy a fan with reapplied thermal paste but the fan I am using now is working okay.

P.S. When I first clean the heatsink I put it in water and then use a hair dryer to dry it and the highest heat for about 10 minutes and then use a air bed pump to dry it again for 5 minutes so they was no water.

I am abit confusing weather to no put the metal cover back it and just cover it with the plastic cover, I have a feeling that the metal cover is putting pressure on the fan, because when I first opened it, they was a big black circle on the metal which indicate that it was directly on top of this fan(I couldn't clean the black mark off, I tried).

I don't know what to do. I am a little confuse.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:50 18 Nov 2013

assume you removed heatsing from cpu? what did ou use to clean of the old paste from the cpu? How did you apply and what type of new thermal paste did you use?

fans have no paste they clip to the heatsink

is the model number correct I can't find any info for a pb i5351?

  kenpachi 15:10 18 Nov 2013

Hi FruitBat,

I used Thermal paste cleaner to cleean it. I spend a good 10 minutes cleaning it using a tissues, I did it until the tissue wasn't black and then a soft tower (yellow) that came with the product to clean it using blue top bottle and it wasn't dirty, like the tissues. I cleaned both the cpu and the heatsink. I follow the instruction on youtube. I waited for about 5 minutes before applying the thermal paste.

P.S. I tried The cross methods about 5 times and I was still experiencing this problems, so I tried the line method. This is the Thermal pasta I used.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 18 Nov 2013

The reason I asked was because bad cleaning or too much new paste is as bad as non at all, however that does not appear to be your problem.

Once done properly its hardly eve a problem so I never disturb the heatsink from the CPU if I an help it.

the heat sink tends to get a layer of dust between the fan and the heatsink where you can not see or remove it without detaching the fan from the heatsink.

So I took the back cover off(plastic cover) and then the metal cover which covers the fan and motherboard

I assume you mean the side panel?

  kenpachi 18:21 18 Nov 2013

If you turn the PC and the screen is flat on the floor. you take out the back plastic cover(white/black) and once you open that, they is another 4-6 inches metal cover. When you unscrew two screws from it, you can slide it off and once off, you will see the fan, monitor board and hard drive.

  kenpachi 18:23 18 Nov 2013

I am trying a new thermal paste now, it is called Arctis silver 5. I am using the spreading method this time. I will monitor the heat and time it and hopefully it stay on, if not i will post the result here

  kenpachi 18:32 18 Nov 2013

I am running the core remp application and it is telling me Min 69°C and max 83°C

CPU #0 93°C. Its just shut itself down again. after 28 minutes and 32 seconds. When none of the covers where on. It was better min 23°C and max 29°C. The CPU #0 WAS 25°C. Do you think the heatsink is not working because I wash it using only water(no chemical)?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 18 Nov 2013

25 C is nothing and should not cause shut down

I would be tempted to check in power settings if you have accidentally activated some sort of shutdown timer seems a bit too coincidental that timing.

  kenpachi 18:42 18 Nov 2013

25 C is when I DO not have the covers on... Its shut down at Min 69°C and max 83°C

CPU #0 93°C when I cover it.

  kenpachi 18:43 18 Nov 2013

When the temp was 25 C(without the covers) it was one for up to 2 hours without shutting itself down.

  kenpachi 18:44 18 Nov 2013

on NOT one. sorry

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