Issue with two routers (one, acting as a bridge, i guess) and static/dynamic IPs

  hansaaa 17:09 05 Sep 2013


I have a CBN CH6640E All-in-one Modem & Router.

First of, I have no idea how many, or how few, people have this router, or, whether it is available outisde of Europe/germany, where i have it. So, not sure, IF, and, if yes, in what detail, anyone can provide "support", but, I decided to give it a shot ;)
Also, I have tried to explain everything as straight-forward as possible. Please, do feel open to ask at any time, if anything is not as clear, as I would like it to be! ;)

Second: I have already contacted the manufacturer with these issues, but, I don't quite actually expect an answer from them, as they are far away, and, may just, redirect me somewhere else, so, I thought, maybe someone here is also able to help.

So, anyway I have this router/modem all-in-one beast. Not that that is great, but, that is what my great new inet provider provided.

Unfortunately, this inet provider is trying to rip people off, by remotely "triggering" (i.e. switching on/off) this modem/router's wlan capability, which is a complete waste of time, and, in my eyes, idiocy, but, that is besides the point, at this time, unfortunately.

So, I have this modem/router (call it, Router A). Luckily, I have another "simple" router, which has wifi, let's say, router B.

Now, I connect routerA (remember, includes the modem) to the cable (in the wall ;) ), and, via lan cable, connect router A to router B.

Now I have wlan (stupid company), via this setup:

"Cable Company Servers(DHCP, etc)"->RouterA->RouterB->Client(s).

Router A is available, via

Now here comes the question:

Router A (the modem/router combo, connected to the "wall") has a section Gateway->Basic->Lan Users, that is, as far as I understand, supposed to "list" all the, well, "Lan Users". As far as I am aware, this should list both my actual Host pc, connected wirelessly to "my" router (router B), AND the actual router B. It does, however, only list the host pc.

So, this question is: Why is the second router (router B), which, essentially acts as a bridge, I guess, not in the list? Is this a software issue, or what?

and, the second question is:

I would like to, instead of using DHCP for these two clients (router B, and "host" pc), assign static IP addresses, which I can do, in Gateway->Basic->DHCP. I can add static IPs for devices, by entering mac addresses for each device, and, of course, the desired STATIC IP.

So, I have done this, for both devices (I am quite sure, the MAC ids are correct, as I got them from cmd->ipconfig, and the router itself),

using, for the router,, and, the host pc,

So, now, I should have:

Router A (unchanged):

Router B:

"host" pc:

I have restarted both routers, the settings are saved, but, does not direct me to router B, nor does direct me to the "host" pc. Instead (see third question), sends one to "host" pc (got a server running, there), and, is "unavailable"

So, here, the third, and (finally ;) ) final question: Again, in the section that "lists" the LAN users, as I said, I only see one client, the host pc, and not, as I would expect, also the second router. Anyway, the host pc is listed as having a "permanent" lease for IP address (yes, the IP which I would like to use for the other router!), however, it seems, there is no way of "releasing" this client from this IP assignment. The only button is "refresh", which keeps assigning the same IP again and again, even though I have explicitly told the thing that I want that client to have a static IP of

Yes, this is a long (or, rather, several) long questions! Again, I have also contacted the manufacturer, but, I expect, a lot of people here probably have better ideas, and wont just say "oh, this cant be done, that cant be done, etc, etc.

So, Thanks for everyone who has ANYTHING to suggest/add/etc., and, of course, for taking the time to have a look at all of this!

I look forward to your suggestions/ideas!



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