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Issue with sound and booting up since moved house!

  Tom Pinto 19:55 23 Mar 2020


So quite long winded here. I moved house and setup up at my new address. No issues booted up no problems. The next day I turned my comp on and no sound. No system sounds or sound through windows media player or player classic, also note when skipping to different parts of the video file it froze, I had to stop the file and press play again. My computer isnt the newest but is quad core, and has 12gb of ram, easily can handle any video file. I checked the usual drivers, muted, reseat the 5.1 card and nothing. I then tried the onboard sound, worked fine so thought screw it. Take out the 5.1 card and use onboard.

When using onboard I had windows media player classic player, after a while no sound again, no idea why, shortly after my comp crashed. I uninstalled windows media player classic and now use VPN, no issues at all. Codecs issue?

But now my problem is, when I boot my comp it freezes at the flash bios screen. However once I power off and start it again it works fine, no issues. What could possible cause these random errors?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:18 23 Mar 2020

Could be hard drive has some damaged sectors / files during the move.

Best bet may be to boot from a windows ISo on DVD or USB do a hard drive check and a repair

Windows 10 boot media free from MS

  Tom Pinto 20:46 23 Mar 2020

Would it be simpler to just install windows again?

  Tom Pinto 20:49 23 Mar 2020

I just run error checking on the C drive, no issues found

  wee eddie 20:52 23 Mar 2020

I know that this is unlikely but, the usual cause for problems, after a move, is that some part has become loose.

Shut it down > unplug it > earth yourself > open the box > check every connection > reseat everything > while you're at it, blow out any dust > Put it back together and try again

  Tom Pinto 00:04 24 Mar 2020

Hi Eddie, as stupid as this sounds Ive just done this. The front of my gfx card wasnt seated at the front, could this be the cause of loss of sound, and I knw it could cause the issue with the video. Only problem is, it worked fine the other day and I have moved it since.

  wee eddie 07:28 24 Mar 2020

Tom: In the case of a loose connection, there is little point in trying to work out which connection is actually loose. Just do it > 1 Cable > 1 Card, at a time,

It costs nothing. If you have a Pencil Rubber, just run it across that Tabs of each Card before you reinstall it.

If you have someone else around, who can help. Get them to use their Mobile Phone to record everything that you do. Then, if you don't get that magic "POST" Beep, on Start-up, you can run through the Movie, to check that everything has gone back into the right place.

  Tom Pinto 13:34 24 Mar 2020

I thought reseating the card resolved it. But then it crashed just to overheating. However, my MB setting famously overclocks my desktop for some reason. I think it is resolved now, but again I cannot use windows media player classic. It seems to crash if I change to different parts of the video, plus sound just randomly cuts out and wont play again for some reason. I dont understand any of these random errors.

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