Issue with new graphics card

  Andrew Weston 16:15 16 Sep 2018

Hello everyone; I'm not particularly tech-minded so there may be a really obvious we go...

I have a computer was getting increasingly slow on game-running so I bought a new graphics card, an MSI Geforce GTX 1050Ti. I took the old graphics card out, and put the new one in. I definitely did this bit right. I then had a problem because the new graphics card had an HDMI outlet, a DisplayPort outlet and a DVI-D Dual Link outlet. My monitor only has a VGA outlet. So I couldn't connect the monitor.

Back to the shop; couldn't find a lead that was VGA one end and DVI-D Dual Link the other, so bought a DVI-D Dual Link cable and a DVI-VGA adapter, which went into one end of the new DVI-D cable, with the other end of the DVI-D going into the new graphics card. Into the other end of the DVI-VGA adapter went the monitor. So, the graphics card was connected to the monitor through the DVI-D, then the DVI-to-VGA converter, which went directly into the monitor.

When I put the PC back together and turned on the power, the monitor did not come on. When manually turned off and on, it simply said "no signal".

So my question can I make it work? Do I need a new monitor? If so, what type? Or does it need to go DVI-D, DVA/VGA, VGA Cable, monitor - rather than just going straight from the DVA/VGA converter into the monitor?

My current monitor is described as a "Generic PnP Monitor" and is on 60Hertz screen refresh.

I am happy to provide any more details as long as someone tells me where I can find the information that may be required...

Also, I've noticed that every time I switch graphics cards and turn the PC on, it beeps six times...that's normal, right?


  martd7 19:14 16 Sep 2018

Nope,6beeps indicates, graphics card failure

Do you have onboard graphics on the motherboard,If you do can you attach the lead and see if you get a display on your monitor,if you do then that rules out the monitor being faulty

  martd7 19:20 16 Sep 2018

Could you not get a Vga to HDMI lead?

click here

  Old Deuteronomy 20:07 16 Sep 2018

DVI-D is digital only so no analogue feed for the VGA interface, does your graphics card have a DVI-I output? Otherwise go with martd7's suggestion.

  Andrew Weston 20:08 16 Sep 2018

Thanks martd7. Before the new graphics card, the computer was using a different graphics card, not onboard graphics. I've done some digging about regarding the VGA-HDMI lead and it looks like I may need an "active" HDMI-VGA, so I've ordered one...we shall see!

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