Issue with date and time

  ventanas 22:45 07 Mar 2009

Dell Vostro 1710 laptop. Every time it's started up the date and time are back to 8th August 2008 at 9.15am.
8th Aug is about the time is was purchased. It was initially set up, then put in a cupboard for six months. I have just removed Vista Business and replaced it with Home Premium, and have noticed this problem.
To replace the battery on this machine involves stripping it down completely, just about every component has to come out, a massive job.
So basically is there any other cause that anyone is aware of that could be causing this, before I bury myself into the engineers manual.
Grateful for any advice.

  skidzy 22:49 07 Mar 2009

Personally i think its the cmos battery too,however less than a year old (if bought from new),well the battery should last longer than least 3 years.

  DieSse 22:50 07 Mar 2009

It's obviously set to remind you of my 65th birthday


  skidzy 22:51 07 Mar 2009

what again :-))

  DieSse 22:51 07 Mar 2009

But seriously - if you remove the main battery and leave it for an hour or so - what time does it come up with?

  ventanas 22:54 07 Mar 2009

Don't know, haven't tried that. You mean disconnect all power from it. I will try that and see what happens.
Actually my daughter has the machine now and I will have to ask her to do that.
Thanks for that.

I have also had a thought. Could it be the settings in the bios that need changing?

  DieSse 23:21 07 Mar 2009

"Could it be the settings in the bios that need changing?"

I can't see how. The time/date shown in the BIOS is maintained by the clock chip, which is powered by the (small) battery - when power is off.

  ventanas 23:24 07 Mar 2009

OK thanks, I'll be with the machine at the end of the month and will try what you suggest then.
Thanks again.

  rdave13 23:37 07 Mar 2009

Ten years older than me eh?
Cmos battery no doubt. Six months without being connected up to a power source has knackered the battery.

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