Issue with csv and text files on EXCEL

  freddy-firecracker 18:38 03 Feb 2008

I am transferring various notepad files across to EXCEL based on a csv save. The data contained in the text file is seperated by a space for each column. The problem is on excel when trying to view and filter the information. The data will be set out as follows: 4 digit code, space, 6 digit code, space, date, space, name, space. This can be copied across o.k however the next column poses a problem. The text will be a description of errors(words, seperated by spaces). When i import the whole file all this text is placed into seperate cells on EXCEL instead of one cell.SOmetimes up to thirty cells(depending upon the error). I know this sunds complicated but would appreciate any help.

What i basically want is the first few codes and dates appearing in a seperate cell for each entry and all the error codes to appear in one cell beside it.



  VoG II 18:47 03 Feb 2008

Well, I wouldn't start from there if I were you. Can you not save these as comma-delimited with a comma instead of a space to denote the next column.

If that's not possible then you could add a formula like

=E1 & " " & F1 & " " & G1 & " " & H1 & " " & I1

in a column to the right somewhere then drag the formula down as far as needed. You can then copy the column of concatenated text, Edit > Paste Special and paste as values into column E. Then delete the extraneous columns to the right of E. If you have to do this a lot, you could record a macro.

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