An issue on copyright

  mammak 21:09 11 Jun 2003

I have two teenager,s (well one is 21 but acts like one lol) off course sharing music with their mate,s is the in thing, and the have got me in trouble before installing horrible thing,s on my comp,s but i wont swear so take a guess , so my issue is if they loan a cd off their mate,s and copy it for their own use, no money crossing palms ect, is this illegal, you know kids they can sweet talk you into anthing for their own gain, i am unsure with this subject so can anyone enlighten me, as i dont wish to do anything wrong regarding this copright issue, regard,s Mammak.

  Despicable Desperado 21:14 11 Jun 2003

It is illegal - pure and simple

  monkeyshine 21:22 11 Jun 2003

Of course, you could also do what millions of parents do - don't ask and don't let them tell you, so long as they are not using P2P (which could unleash a bunch of nasties into your comp)

  hugh-265156 21:33 11 Jun 2003

yup it is illegal.

but i would be more worried about the aftermath of some of the filesharing programs

click here

click here

  mammak 21:35 11 Jun 2003

monkeyshine as i said they got me like that once before thankfully i did get rid off the nasty,s . Despicable Desperado, thanks that,s what i wanted to know they can go elsewhere and do their copying thank,s both off you Mammak

  Mysticnas 21:51 11 Jun 2003

If they are going to be online all day or for any length of time it's good practice to get a firewall.

A firewall is basically like a security guard. It won't let nasty virus's in like trojans or similar. It ususally works with your current antivirus software or has a built-in antivirus.

If they use file sharing programms like kazaa or winMX then get a firewall. Norton Personal firewall or Norton Internet security are good.

Check them out on the norton website click here

  mammak 21:52 11 Jun 2003

Sorry folk,s you missed my point, they are not file sharing from anthing like Kaaza, i put stop to that and all it,s nasty,s they want too copy a mate,s bought cd for their own use , ie: no money passing hand,s ect

  justme 21:58 11 Jun 2003

Copying another person's cd is illegal whether money changes hands or not. On the other hand most kids do it and the chances of getting caught are minimal, but it is still illegal.

  hugh-265156 21:59 11 Jun 2003

yeah thats illegal too.

  mammak 22:11 11 Jun 2003

Thank,s too you all i got the answer to my question it,s illegal, end off thread. if you had read my thread i didnt intend too do anything illegal hence my post,

  monkeyshine 22:17 11 Jun 2003

I had not intended to criticise, I hope it didn't come across like that. Kids are kids and sometimes it's better not to know what they get up to - as you rightly say, but not P2P. Don't pay any attention to the Holier than Thou Brigade.

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