Issue booting up

  Kevsta1981 13:36 12 Jun 2010


I recdntly transfered my PC to my new address and now i am unable to boot up. All i get is a message that says "Missing operating system"
I checked all the connections to make sure everything is seated properly and it all seems to be ok.
Just looking for some advice on what to try

Thanks in advance

  northumbria61 13:59 12 Jun 2010

You will need to give more information - which O.S. you are using to get help.

  T I M B O 14:14 12 Jun 2010

Check all the leads inside the pc. SATA leads are not very good at staying connected, so make sure that all cable are firmly fixed.

Make sure that the pc is powered down 1st....

  Kevsta1981 14:19 12 Jun 2010

I was using Windows Vista Ultimate

I have tried tried changing the boot sequence to boot from the CD drive with the original installation disk but all i get is another similar message saying "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..... Missing operating system"
This is about as far as my knowledge goes lol im not too good at this sort of stuff

  northumbria61 14:33 12 Jun 2010

When this happens, you need to attempt to recover the primary drive Master Bood Record and set the partition active (provided you haven't introduced any new drives).

The fist step involves booting from the Vista DVD, and clicking "Repair your computer". Instead of letting Windows attempt an automatic recovery, or if the OS is not listed in the "System Recovery" screen, click "Next" to get to the manual System Recovery Options.

Startup Repair can sometimes work, but more often than not it can't repair the computer automatically.

Enter the recovery environment Command Prompt and try the following commands:

chkdsk /R (to check the filesystem and attempt bad sector recovery)
bootrec /fixboot (to attempt and recover the boot sector)
bootrec /scanos (to see if it finds Vista)
bootrec /rebuildbcd (to try rebuilding the boot manager)

Sometimes bootrec /fixboot tells you "the volume does not contain a recognized file system."
bootrec /rebuildbcd may find Vista, yet can exit with the error: "The volume does not contain a recognized file system" error. In that case, you'd need to use the "diskpart" and set the Windows partition to active. Run bootrec /fixboot and bootrec /rebuildbcd again after setting the partition to active with the diskpart tool.

At this point, Vista should either boot normally, or you can attempt the automatic startup repair from the Vista DVD to get to it.

  Kevsta1981 15:02 12 Jun 2010

I have tried to boot from my CD/DVD drive but its not picking it up. Just keep getting the same message & unable to use any commands

  northumbria61 15:52 12 Jun 2010

Can you get into the BIOS - usually by pressing DEL key or ESC key on startup

  Kevsta1981 11:41 13 Jun 2010

Yes I can do that, what next?

  northumbria61 11:56 13 Jun 2010

ok - you need to go to the BOOT sequence and set your CD/DVD drive to boot first. You do this by selecting the listed hard drives and using the + and - keys move the CD drive to the top of the list - then SAVE and Exit (sometimes F10)

Then reboot your PC with the Installation CD in the drive.

  Kevsta1981 12:05 13 Jun 2010

Have done this aswell, mentioned that above, no problems changing the sequence but it won't read the disc as says "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..... Missing operating system"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:31 13 Jun 2010

1. switch off
2. open case
3. ground yourself on a suitable metal object such as a radiator
4. check cable connections to hard drives and CD drives are tight at drives and on the motherboard.
5. refit cover
6. boot up (no disk in drive)
7. check error messages (hopefully it will fully boot)
8 if error message put vista disk in drive and reboot
9. press key as soon as message appears.
10 it should boot from CD if not repost here.

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