Issue 1=fan noise! Issue 2=Mal/Spyware programme!

  gazmix 00:00 15 Dec 2008


1. I over last few days I've had windows messenger on & my browser open for periods of time! I've also used SuperAntispyware to sort a fiew issues out that i had (supposedly low cpu usage).
When using SAS, the pc's fan, i think it's cpu i dunno, was accelerating fast & now when i use messenger & Firefox browser at the same time, the fan noise accelerates real fast & sounds like its gonna explode out of the pc! Similar noise when streaming on youtube!! Is this ok!
It task manager, both numbers are high for both application processes! Could this be to do with using SAS. Surely i should be able to use more than 1 application at the same time! Any ideas on cutting the noisy fan, whats the prob etc?

2. Someone who seems to know what he's talking about says that Spybot & Adaware are a waste of time & i should only use SuperAntispyware & Malwarebytes-AntiMalware because of whats said here, scroll down click here
taht they aren't seen as any good anymore!! To me, this is heresay, but SAS found a hell of a lot more that Spybot & Adaware!

  MAJ 00:28 15 Dec 2008

1. Laptop? Desktop? XP? Vista? Spec? have you cleaned inside the case, fan blades, vents, etc.?

2. I haven't used Spybot S&D or Adaware in quite a while in preference to SAS, Spywareblaster and Malwarebytes-AntiMalware, so I tend to agree with your link.

  gazmix 16:02 15 Dec 2008

It's a compaq evo small form factor! I've had the top off & given it alla good blow, & is in a well ventilated area, i see no excess dust & don't fancy taking stuff out!

It's Windows xp pro service pack 2.

I'm thinking of getting rid of SS&D because it takes ages & never finds anything & Adaware only finds cookies!
Could i run SAS instead of Adaware & SS&D & get a better scan job done & is it safe to remove/quarantine all it finds!
I ask this, as on some Anti Spy/Malware sites, they say some tools shouldn't be used without expert guidance & i thought MalwareBytes & SAS were 2 of them!

  MAJ 16:18 15 Dec 2008

"Could i run SAS instead of Adaware & SS&D & get a better scan job done & is it safe to remove/quarantine all it finds!"

I have removed both SS&D and Adaware and now use only SAS, Spywareblaster and MalwareBytes'(MBAM), I also have CCleaner click here to keep things tidy. Yes you can quarantine/delete what they find. Those other forums you mention are probably talking about programs like HijackThis click here which do need a little knowledge about what to remove.

  gazmix 16:31 15 Dec 2008

This fan speeding noise has increased!
I'm only running my Firefox browser which freezes when it happens & in task manager processes, Firefox is 90.000k.As i say, its just started happening since yesterday, although i did use a lot of youtube then!

  MAJ 17:56 15 Dec 2008

What's it like when you use IE instead of Firefox, gazmix? Which Processes in Task Manager show as using most of the CPU, don't worry about memory usage at the moment?

  gazmix 18:11 15 Dec 2008

As i write this, in Processes, the largest use of CPU is 'system idle process' at around 89-95, the rest is 00 or 02.
In performance, the CPU usage is between 0-10%.
I will have a look in IE & report back.


  MAJ 18:16 15 Dec 2008

That looks okay if your PC isn't doing a lot at the moment, gazmix. The fan shouldn't be going crazy with readings like those, I don't expect it is at the moment though. IE shouldn't make much of a difference (probably about 10% when opened) again that shouldn't start the fan going crazy. What does FF read when you start it?

  gazmix 18:30 15 Dec 2008

ok as i write this in IE, CPU is much the same, but te mem usage is more spread out between IEXPLORE.EXE & explorer.exe, both at around 25-35.000. In firefox, the Mem usage just climbs & climbs to 90.000.

If you mean what CPU does FF read when i start it, its 00, but memory usage about 21.000.

The fan seems ok now! i'm wondering if certain sites increase it as i went to click here & it wrose significantly the noise! I know streaming has this affect & deep registry search like spybot, but this happened when juts FF ws open!

  MAJ 18:44 15 Dec 2008

Yes some sites, like that one, will push the cpu and memory usage way up, but even in mine FF zooms to 90% CPU usage but it does settle down when the page is loaded. I hear no increase in my fan noise. Check what temperature your CPU is at now, mine's an Athlon (which do run hot) and it's sitting between 31 and 34 degrees centigrade. SIW click here and check under the "Sensors" entry to see what temp your's is.

  gazmix 19:03 15 Dec 2008

which SIW do i download? , there's quite a fiew in the 'download (freeware version)', i'm wondering if mine is on its way out as i've stuff on here i need!

that site, is it because there's a lot going on, e.g youtube too?


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