Issue 130 Problems with Linux on DVD

  Waffles1 10:46 19 Mar 2006


I'm having a few problems with the copies of Linux on Issue 130's DVD.

It says to burn the ISOs to a CD, which seemed simple enough, but (for whatever reason), I am unable to even find the ISO images.

I am using CDBurner XP Pro 3, which has ISO/Image burning capabilities.

I have tried creating an Image, but when browsing through the extracted Linux folders, for whatever version, no ISO files are found.

Could some one advise me how to burn any of the distro's on the disk to a useable CDROM - and any software better suited to burning Images.

Much appreciated.


  Devil Fish 11:16 19 Mar 2006

first off to find the linux distributions

create a folder on your harddrive

insert dvd / Right click dvd / then click explore

open the linux folder choose which distribution you want / right click the distribution select copy

open the folder you created then right click mouse over open folder select paste

this will transfer it to your hardrive

then navigate to the folder using your burning software

as for burning my personal preference is nero which is a pay for suite but there are also a few free ones

Deep burner have used this for audio and it works fine and it does have a selection for ISO so may be worth a try click here

  LastChip 11:19 19 Mar 2006

First I have to say that I don't have available that DVD, so can't tell you where to find the iso images. Perhaps someone else can help here.

Have you looked via Explorer at the contents of the disc, rather than just running it from it's menu?

All iso images I have ever come across are complete within themselves. In other words, you simply select the iso image within your burning program, click a few buttons and it "all happens".

click here for a tutorial on how to burn the iso (if you need it). It refers to Xandros, but all iso's are the same. It does include a few tips on the do's and don't's of iso burning though, so is worth a read.

Good luck and don't give up. The experience alone it worth it.

  LastChip 11:21 19 Mar 2006
  Waffles1 11:38 19 Mar 2006

Thank you both, the program worked very well.

I had used winRAR to extract those contained on the DVD, not realising that it was in fact an .ISO - I had assumed they were compressed files and folders.


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