ISPs without "fair usage policys"????

  jackflash82 02:04 01 Aug 2007

Hi there, Iam looking to change ISPs as my current one is capping me for downloading to much, can anyone help me finding a good one that dosent have a "fair usage policy"? Im sick of all these providers saying "unlimited" when this is far from the truth, any input would be apreciated, thank you all

  cream. 08:08 01 Aug 2007

I doubt you'll find one and if you do you are going to pay a premium price.

I can't see any problem with an ISP's FUP. It is there to bennefit all. What it does is to try an give an even flow to ALL it's customers at ALL times. When the internet is quite you can download to your hearts content, I download overnight and can do 3 to 5Gb a night. When the inetrnet is busy, say 5pm to midnight I browse if I use the net. This lets every one get there fair share.

It's people who download vast ammounts at peak times that spoil it for others on a tight broadband line. It can drop the speed of other users down to old dial up speed in some cases.:(

  Rigga 08:29 01 Aug 2007

Seriously, 3-5gb a night. what are you downloading? I work from home, so use my computer around 11 hours a day and never some anywhere near to downloading 90-150gb a month (based on above figures).


  cream. 08:38 01 Aug 2007

" can do 3 to 5Gb a night "

It's the can do bit. I can do it it 4 or 5 times a month.:-)

Not every night.

My usage is around 30Gb and 45Gb a month. Never had any problem with my ISP.

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