ISP's what's the best value + service

  minicity843 10:11 25 Oct 2004

Im currently using aol gold and find it good but it's a bit pricey compared to its competitors, and what to swap ISP what do you reccomend and why?



  Graham ® 10:27 25 Oct 2004

I can recommend PlusNet.

click here

If you are out of contract with AOL you will get free migration to the 512KB service, plus you can use your existing modem. Prices start at £14:99 with 1GB cap, monthly contract.

Once signed up, you can upgrade to 1MB sevice at the same price for a one-off charge of £14:99.

Sevice is excellent, local call helpline.

  minicity843 10:43 25 Oct 2004

sorry forgot to mention that i still have a contract with aol is there any way arround this as i am paying well over the top compared to others.


  Graham ® 12:03 25 Oct 2004

Not unless AOL agree to release you.

  minicity843 12:08 25 Oct 2004

i suppose i could just cancel the payments from my card and then they would have no choice but to stop the connection, and then i can swap ISP to one that wont rip me off, what do you think is there anything they can do about it? also what do you guys think of wannado any good?

  Daxsimus 14:39 25 Oct 2004

I'm with Wanadoo and have never had any problems. Although it is capped now. Mine isn't as I was under contract with freeserve before Wanadoo took over so they have had to keep my connection uncapped. Customer service has always been good and response to my emails have been quick aswell. Hope this helps.

  Graham ® 14:54 25 Oct 2004

If the payments are taken from a credit card, you can't stop them.

  Sparrowhawk 14:57 25 Oct 2004


You will see that ISP have DISTINCTIVE PROS (and CONS).


- Min 12 month contract
- Cancellation fee
- Speed
- Static IP address or not?

  Noelg23 15:34 25 Oct 2004

I use Central Point...1megabit connection at only £25.99 uncapped (so no limits to downloads) at the time I got it activation was about £60 now its half price but I would keep the modem you have as theirs is £ you can migrate from AOL to Central Point for only 99p!! plus no minimum 12month contract...beat that!! click here plus their service is good...both phone and email..

  Sparrowhawk 15:38 25 Oct 2004

I use click here (WANADOO)
Monthly usage allowance 2GB

You can upgrade later

I took the £79.99 WIRELESS broadband modem, which is pretty good.

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