ISPs - student discounts?

  Jackcoms 10:39 02 Jun 2006

My elder daughter is due to move into off-campus accommodation with 4 friends at the start of next academic year in September.

I've just been chatting to the landlord who tells me that the property is already BB enabled and there is a socket in all 5 bedrooms for internet access (the property is hard-wired through a router).

The only decision which now needs to be made by the students is which ISP to choose.

The landlord thinks (but isn't sure) that some ISPs offer discounts for students.

Does anybody know of any reputable ISPs who offer student discounts?

  Taff™ 11:03 02 Jun 2006

Don`t know about discounts and I`ve looked at all the main ISP`s in the last week. I`m surprised the landlord hasn`t set up the BB already since obviously he has the necessary BT Line installed. I would suggest that you look for an ISP who provides a monthly contract and not a minimum of 12/18 months - holiday periods during the summer could save a straight 2 months - Look at PlusNet and Virgin for these.

Also with 5 students all using the system you`d have to be mindful if one abused the fair use policies in force which could cause a "throttle back" on the service. Although you can get a £14.99 a month service from both the aforenamed I would suggest they prepare for a truly unlimited download tariff at about £25-30 with at least 2MB speeds.

  spuds 11:06 02 Jun 2006

I would imagine that the students union would have this type of information readily available. Ask your daughter and her friends to try there.

I know of that most landlords nowadays, have a ISP already connected and on-line, due to account payment procedures. This saves the hassle of students 'moving-on', opening new accounts and possible payg involvement with some students. The final monthly usage fee is added via housing rent payment.

  johnnyrocker 11:08 02 Jun 2006

if the property is already bband enabled there must be an isp in place and if that is the case all other approaches to isp's will result in rejection because of conflict on the line.


  Taff™ 11:56 02 Jun 2006

Good Point!

  Jackcoms 11:59 02 Jun 2006

Yep, they already have an ISP in place, but the landlord readily admitted that they've had problems with them and aren't happy. Can't remember who it was, but it wasn't one of the 'big boys'. :-((

So they've been dumped!

The landlord has agreed to put a new service in place from September just as soon as my daughter and her friends decide who they want to go with.

I'll ask her to have a word with the Union before Term ends next week.

Thanks for your suggestions so far.

Please keep them coming!

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