ISPs not doing what they should be doing

  Noelg23 13:16 24 Nov 2004

Hi people. I have a huge problem and its to do with Broadband ISPs. Many of you will have known me for my advice I have given out to people with internet problems especially broadband. well I also happen to work for BT in the faults department and we have been getting a lot of calls from people who have been passed from their ISP to call us about their broadband problem when we only deal with telephone lines. It has got to a point where I now request people who have had this experience whereby they ring their ISP and are being told to ring BT when clearly they dont need to. the people responsible are in fact the ISPs themselves. In other words they are blaming BT for their broadband and this appears to be against the rules as if we were to blame the customers ISP no doubt that ISP will be on the phone to Ofcom. So does it seem fair that BT should be blamed for something that they are not responsible for? I say BT but I mean BT faults and BT sales. The division of BT people should be talking to are in fact BT wholesale and I will admit I dont think BT Wholesale are doing a great deal either. So when a broadband problem arises its between the ISP and BT Wholesale not the customer and BT. I am not saying that all the people who work for these ISPs are all doing it but there is a percentage of them who seem to tell their customers to ring BT before they have even checked their connection status and their setup on their PC and I am sure some of you have been on the receiving end of these actions. If you have had this experience or anything like this I would like to hear from you as I think its about time something was done about it. I use to work at BT Broadband and we always made sure we sorted out a customers broadband connection unless there was something physically wrong with their telephone line. So please do not hesitate to either email me or write your response in the forum so that others can be aware. Thank you for your co-operation people. As I said earlier if anyone in the forums happen to work for any ISP its not a personal dig at you but I am sure you can appreciate where I am coming from with this.

  deke 13:26 24 Nov 2004

Noted and put in my postings


  ACOLYTE 13:44 24 Nov 2004

Nicely said.

  Noelg23 15:12 24 Nov 2004

anyone else? there must be more of you out there...

  Jackcoms 15:16 24 Nov 2004


Interesting point you make and I can appreciate your frustrations.

As a matter of interest; are some ISPs worse offenders than others?

If so, why not name and shame.

I'm sure that even ISPs read this forum from time to time. ;-)

  Noelg23 15:27 24 Nov 2004

yes true some ISPs are worse than others and I know who they are but for now I wont name them in the forums until I have enough feedback from everyone and if the ISPs I have in mind are listed more than others then I may name and shame...but I am hoping to raise the attention of the forum editors aswell to let them know how some customers out there are being treated by their ISPs. so please keep the coming people...I actually hope that if we get enough people telling their experiences maybe the forum editors might consider doing an article in the PCA mag? what do u guys think?

  Graham ® 15:37 24 Nov 2004

Whilst not questioning your motives, and indeed your frustration in having to fend off members of the public, but isn't this a matter for BT management?

I appreciate escalating your concerns upwards can receive a negative response, but they are the people with the graphs and pie-charts!

  Noelg23 16:03 24 Nov 2004

do you think the BT management are that bothered? I have raised this to just about all the managers in my department and so far all they say is...we dont deal with broadband...if its broadband pass the customer to thier ISP and do you know why they say that? cos we need to meet our targets and make sure our stats are not affected...thats what they say mate...the only people who really need to be told are BT Wholesale and the ISPs responsible for this...

  Noelg23 20:28 24 Nov 2004

I am still wanting more input about this guys...come on...dont be afraid to speak up...the more I get the better...thanks...

  Jackcoms 21:59 24 Nov 2004

OK, for what it's worth, I use an ISP which is regularly slated in this (and other) forums - Tiscali.

In fact, I'm perfectly happy (touch wood) with their BB service which I've used since March of this year and, before that, their dial-up service which I used for 5 or more years (right from the days when they were

Whilst using their India-based helpdesk is, sometimes, a bit hard going I've NEVER known them to pass the buck to BT.

  Noelg23 15:58 25 Nov 2004

yes Tiscali are often slated...and you can count yourself one of the lucky ones who has not been passed to BT...but yes Tiscali have been known to pass their customers over to BT...and since you mention their call centre is based in India I can see why some of Tiscali's customers will get upset. why did they ever think to move call centres to India when they know there will be a language barrier going on? Dont get me wrong they do their job but I think you find that most of them is scripted...and the same happens here too. so I just hope they keep you happy Jackcoms...

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