ISP'S genuine anytime and costs?

  Rtus 14:36 17 Nov 2003

Ok here Im asking for your thoughts on your Isp ,in view of changing Isp yet again due to lack of dialup I currently pay £8:99 monthly prepaid subscription 6 months in advance the service comes with a 15/1 contention ratio, however this at times is more like 400/1 as I cannot reliably dial up at any time i choose im looking to find a decent service ..Note Broad band isnt an option it simply isnt available..Ive done searches for various Isp's but would rather go on you the isp user for the real picture...

  The Sack 14:43 17 Nov 2003

Like it or not AOL are the only company to offer an always on dial up service (well for a reasonalbe price) If you cant get broadband then this is a viable option, no cut offs and no monthly limits.

Oh and it wont posess your PC and turn it in to some kind of mental demon either.

  jbaker65 16:03 17 Nov 2003

V21 gives very good service at £9.95 a month for 42 hrs per month

  anchor 16:08 17 Nov 2003

It would help if you could give us an idea as the amount of time per month you usually spend on-line.

  dougiez 16:59 17 Nov 2003

here a couple off places might help you click here click here

  Rtus 17:17 17 Nov 2003

mostly less than 180/230

  Proxy Worm 17:24 17 Nov 2003

Have a look at click here
I have this, it is very reliable!

  Rtus 17:45 17 Nov 2003

thankyou looking into those.....

  Stuartli 17:46 17 Nov 2003

I just might be wrong, but I think your ISP is actually Tiscali based...

Depending on what hours you go on the net, it's worth having a look at Tiscali, which offers a range of time zones for dialup use.

For instance, 8am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays is £4.99 a month; add weekends and it's £7.99.

There's also an Off Peak option for 6pm to 8am and all weekend at £11.99.

  mick70 22:23 17 Nov 2003

I use @ £14.99 p.m 24/7 but is owned by the same co.(Brightview ) and is only £10.00 p.m

  Rtus 00:08 18 Nov 2003

thanks for the help folks .Unfortunately Ive just had some bad news ,So will close now & may see you all later. Goodnight & thanks..

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